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I'm currently taking a year or so off from doing a webcomic by practicing art (available on my tumblr) and improving my writing (as well as figure out what my standards for a good comic are) by writing for the Webcomic Police (Google it because the website link can only handle one address}.

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Shameless Advertisements!Seeking Co-Authors
Last Update: Yesterday Fans: 378 # Comics: 2340
Dauntless Advertisements!Seeking Co-Authors
Last Update: 6 Months Ago Fans: 29 # Comics: 69
Mafia gameSeeking Co-Authors
Last Update: 10 Months Ago Fans: 81 # Comics: 617
24 Hour Comic day 2012Seeking Co-Authors
Last Update: 4 Years Ago Fans: 38 # Comics: 306
Jesus' Blue Nuzlocke
Last Update: Completed Fans: 49 # Comics: 35
Last Update: 4 Years Ago Fans: 20 # Comics: 37
Abducted: A Choose Your Own Adventure
Last Update: 5 Years Ago Fans: 31 # Comics: 464

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Comment on for robybang of Secret Santa 2015
robybang, 20 Dec 2015 08:39 pm
Oh wow, I forgot about Aether, it's been so long since I worked on that. Thanks Santa!
Comment on Out-Classed of Forest Hill
robybang, 14 Feb 2015 01:19 pm
@Campion: Don't forget Monic & Cockles. You could plug that one in to Monic 2 & 3 and you could use Cockles to clamp onto things and climb up them to find hidden areas.
Comment on Out-Classed of Forest Hill
robybang, 14 Feb 2015 12:53 pm
@Campion: Were they going to take turns playing, or were they going to do versus mode and have Monic race against Blails the Box?
Comment on SJM11: Circus of Mafia game
robybang, 22 Jan 2015 11:57 pm
Are there any limits on what kinds of characters we submit? The Mafia group is called "ThE fReAkShOw" and there's going to be a fool in there, so are circus freaks and clowns off limits?
Comment on Intent of Forest Hill
robybang, 07 Jan 2015 01:07 am
@Stephen: I looked it up and "child exploitation" would be closer. Also, most states either no longer use or have sodomy laws and instead use sexual abuse or child molestation. Then again, maybe things are different here?
Comment on A Gift for robybang of Secret Santa 2014
robybang, 26 Dec 2014 10:24 pm
@mitchellbravo: Thanks. I really like your interpretation of the characters, especially give there's not much to them.
Comment on Game Over of Mafia game
robybang, 01 Nov 2014 09:11 am
Contradiction123 was Mafia. The town wins. SPDark and Kree go into the hall of fame. At this point, if someone wants to run with Mafia 11 they can provided they meet the rules for it, and I'll do the updated list for it when SJ isn't acting so wonky. I'll also be uploading epilogue pages when I get the chance.
Comment on Day 3 Begins of Mafia game
robybang, 07 Oct 2014 09:08 pm
@contradiction123: Sorry, I already tallied the votes and started work on the page. If you want to do a text RP or get a page in before I post (probably by the end of the week), I'll allow it, but the votes are locked in.
Comment on Day 3 Begins of Mafia game
robybang, 19 Sep 2014 11:07 pm
Jay accidentally walked in on a bomb that scrambled the holographic display, turning the museum into a glitchy mess like the video game round. Jay was an innocent.

If you need resources for the glitch level, there are different ways to make them yourself:

Make glitch backgrounds with wordpad or audacity: rt.html

Use an online app that will do it for you:

Or just google "databending" or "glitch art" for backgrounds.

(If you're drawing on paper, just pick random colors and patterns until it looks like you vomited a box of crayons on the page XD.)

And one more thing. I'm sorry I haven't been active. It was a mixture of life getting in the way and laziness. Luckily, we only have one more phase to go.

Votes (in the comments), text RP, and comics are due by October 4.
Comment on Night 2 Begins of Mafia game
robybang, 11 Aug 2014 08:13 pm
I have relatives over, and they've been eating into my time. The deadline will be bumped forward a week, giving everyone time to squeeze in some last minute RP/comic making.

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