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I think Sarah's hair looks great, I'm just a little concerned about her ear in the last panel hahaha

Love these segments of hers though
i love how you drew her hair but it's definitely defying gravity a bit in panel 4 LOL
lmao i love the old lady
yeah, i also agree with some of the other commenters that i don't think he's hanging with them for sexual reasons. definitely a screwy guy and a terrible influence on kids but not for those reasons.

i kind of liked the theory someone else put out in a prior strip that he might be their dad...
Now I need to go back and re-read because I really thought he died...
cannot for the life of me figure out what is happening with renee's body in panel 3
in the first panel, is that her belly button or her labia because that is not where either of those should be!
@popo: "a black"

just starts tuning you out there
okay, i am officially shipping these two
i love these two together
the antics they will get up to~
that story makes me want to die

ffff it ends tomorrow???
i shouldn't have kept telling myself to do it later LMFAO too late now :(
oh well, good luck to everyone who entered!

this was my favorite page in the book
i love how vivien just pops out of the bushes
I'm gonna be at AX! I'm pretty sure I'll be buying some of your stuff, too, so that's exciting. 8)
i would buy a jenny haniver shirt if you made one. i would buy it so hard.

Oh, god, I love the panel with her jumping down from the window. *v*
LMAO i do the same
but i get actual mail...
it's just spam
and so i get excited over nothing
first comment, oh~

be careful, andy!
Lol, no offense but. How long has Chakin even known Shichi? Like 3 days? Just bugging me a little. Though I could easily have missed a time skip or something, I guess.

I love your style so much. It's so clean and pretty~ *3*
I hope this is going to turn out less lame shortly. If not, I am seriously disappointed.