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hello i have been a fan of this comic so yeah
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how to get pickachu mad 2019
wow im the first to comment
who else thought gai was going to curse
panel 5 crystal is like i got my eye on you
now thats very interesting
im here for some reason
@TotallyNotLazuli: hmmm im starting to think you are lazuli
@pixlblox9099: they were at the restaurant then cc left so the 3 went out to find them i think then a boss fight
flare 2019 D-did i blow up the restaurant wh-where is everyone A-are they okay?
anyone else hear just me? ok
rip speedy will be missed
wait a second if speedy is at cc then how did speedy get back there or could be a parallel universe speedy
i just relised that speedy and that flareon from the special chapter that with the bond they have that when the device got destroyed that the flareon was conected to speedy through a bond also sorry that i wrote the flareon i havent read the chapter is a year
it was at this moment i realised that realized that flare didint have a healing factor after reading this for more then 2 years wow i feel dumb
NO SPEEDYS hand at least he has a healing factor