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i like cheese
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@Pinkeevee222: But what if you do reach 10,000 fans?
its all falling together
i hope that doll is some sort of foreshadow
wait, never mind
shouldn't meta knight be saying his thoughts in... whatever language that is, remember, like, Spanish or something? idk
keeby, you precous cinnamon bun
he a cinnamon bun <3
@Glitched: well, maybe he knows about the alternate universes, and maybe in one of them (or some, its a giant possibility) instead of fainting, they die? I don't know, just a theroy
wait i just noticed
ccs eyes... only one of them is red... does that mean shes somewhat like flare? stage 3 (or whatever you call it), where the victim is in control but only after calmed down... is cc a stage 3?