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August 9th, 2019
I'm really liking this comic. I'm not quite sure what to make of it in totality but I'm enjoying it regardless.
May 27th, 2019
@Guest: Maybe cos she was a merperson rather than a human-shaped person before being changed?
I'm so excited to see Paollo's power again. Hopefully it'll work out this time haha
While the Queen intervening would be interesting, I'm hoping that we see Douglass actually finally listening to Odette, should she gather the courage to stand up to him.

Also, nice reference to Swan Lake there.
February 22nd, 2019
@Morzone: Or, worse, that's Samuel.
All of the character designs in this comic are stellar. Absolutely excellent.
January 17th, 2019
Is that srsly Duke Amiel du H'ardcore lol
This could be a lead in to the "I'll lead a herd that will restore your forest" but I'm not sure how forgiving Deadwood will be...guess we'll see.
I've been a bad reader who hasn't commented yet, so sorry for that. But now, I have to say, that when I first found this comic I was not interested at all. The idea was intriguing but the violence turned me off. Nonetheless, for some reason, I stuck with it. I've been following the comic since before Fen arrived. Now I'm hooked. The story is wonderful and the prose from Rig has been excellent. The culture you've put into Deer, Wolves, and Crows has been inspiring. I will be excited, and sad, to see how this comic ends. Thank you for creating this.
October 10th, 2018
Oh god I hope Oathi is okay...
October 2nd, 2018
seriously I'm so worried for Oathi who just got shot out the sky

I don't think it's that simple. I agree with you that it is emotionally manipulative, but I get the feeling that this is stemming more them the Feyn's natural state of being rather than Douglass specifically trying to manipulate Oddy.

This seems more like a "Fae with a child's understanding of how apologies and forgiveness work" than Douglass purposefully being awful.

The effect on Oddy is still the same regardless but I'm reading this as not completely premeditated on Douglass' part.
September 11th, 2018
I really like panel 8. There's something about Rig's pose and the hue of her eyes that makes that panel both menacing and saddening.
Ah. So the land of the Feyn is not, in fact, a paradise like it was very nearly being set up to be. The next page is probably going to be very informative if the scene stays with this group for a bit.
"Everyone around here seems pretty scared of you"

She has no idea what's going on. She thinks she's got dirt but she has no idea the kind of re pore MewTwo has built with these Pokemon. She assumes that because he was created to be a monster that he can't be anything else.
@Guest: Pretty sure "Chiron" is referring to Leon's father, the Lucario, no Leon himself.
It looks amazing drawn digitally~!
@jdiwnab: That may have also been a reason. It was said that Ri'neref, the man who Wrote Earth and founded the city of D'ni, wrote the air shafts a certain way so that the D'ni people would eventually, have to make contact with the surface world. The D'ni didn't necessarily need to make any contact with the Surface, since they could just Write Ages to serve their needs. Er'cana, for example, is a Granary Age and was one of the many Ages Written specifically to feed the D'ni population.
I'm sure some of the Guilds saw the benefits of exploring the surface, though most of the population was happy to remain in the cavern. It was, as we know, a choice that made it easy for the entire population to be wiped out.
Over all, the Great Descent was originally planned for the sake of air circulation...but the staircase definitely gives pause to the idea that the D'ni (Guilds, at least) were looking to see if the surface world had things to offer.
@jdiwnab: Actually, the Great Descent wasn't made to be a staircase from the Cleft down to D'ni. It was created because the Guild of Miners had to build tunnels to the surface to build a ventilation system. The D'ni people needed fresh, cool air from the surface, and the tunnels that had been Written into the Age had become too small since the population of D'ni had swelled. The sheer size of the shaft was ensure that a lot of air could be pushed down into the cavern. So, the construction isn't shoddy at all. It served its purpose until the Fall of D'ni.