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@SpeedySenpaiNoticeMe: Speed 2.0: Where's Chill?
Trace: I don't know, he vanished on the same day the real you quit his job. Maybe he went back to where he used to live?
Speed 2.0: [Sighs.] Maybe, but I don't think he would leave Mana like that.
@SpeedySenpaiNoticeMe: hidden war ?? i don't remember either
so its confirmed crystal arceus and mini me have the ability to break the 4th wall
(not a joke)
but all i can say RIP 4th wall he stayed strong till the end but could not withstand arceus 4th wall break it was like a father to me but the wall can rest

RIP here lies 4th wall 18/7/17 - 14/8/19
@POKEMON160: all i want is a reaction on speed its gonna be hilarious
silvia is a master at vaporeon's step 3
@MineAva1114: actually j3h2 might be right since the memory path exist and fluffy is always solars aphorisms but idk lets just wait and see
@SuperbroRules25: that is a spolier(but dosnet matter since i already knew )
@TeranganPkmtrainer: thats my daily night routine read the entire thing
@Wolf_assault: oh just read a comment on deviant its a Deoxy huh has a shape of an eevee
what is flare leaf turning into it looks like speeds armour just with tentacles ?
@Glitched: im sorry your saying theres a multiveres because i thought that was just theoretical i mean the completely changes how we understand the initial singularity its insane

thats a spider boi far from home reference
@Mak33n: maybe hes not here just to summon arceus hes there to craft the nights edge omg it makes so much sense now BIG BRAIN
@PotatoKing249: its a demon altar from terraria hes there to craft the nights edge
@Ngamer01: did you call the ambulance
@Thunder4036: in this dimesion flare does evolve in to a leafeon and is stage 7 beserker and when he says us he means both fluffy and him are talking and im pretty sure he is ultimus 2 minds combined to 1
@Glitched: its summoning one of 3 things 1.arceus 2.the eye of chuthulu 3.Satan
@Legendslayer21: oh its just a demon altar from terraria summoning the eye of chuthulu