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YES REALLY. I now have some free time for the first time in semesters upon semesters so yeah. I LOST TRACK OF THE STORY THOUGH i can't remember where anyone is supposed to be lmao :(
Aww this picture is so cute.

HEY THERE FELLLLLLAAASSSS I am still very much alive, thank you. I WILL UPDATE As Soon As Possible, scouts honor :D
Hey guys~

Remember me? I'm still doing this, yo.

Dorian is not happy to have Taylor as a roommate, apparently.

Sorry for just randomly putting Tay's guitar case there... [I can't for the life of me remember where tay is atm :(]
The last panel looks extremely cool.
Oh~ what a tease XD
Her fingernails are so cute~!
I bet you´re all asleep now, huh?

I decided to update before I dissapear to AX. ´

Dorian doesn´t mean it :( look at that blush. Clearly nobody has ever talked to him as much as those guys! Poor Kanon has to listen to his complaints, though XD
Theo lgjkfdsljkg so cuuuute *__*

I like Jaime´s handwritting. So neat :D
omg Reigel is so cute *_*

and you made Dorian actually loo like a nice guy! X3