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Will Snuggles you if you get to close OwO.
I make Comics and stuff, hope y'all enjoy them.

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what is that thing in panel 5, looks like a like-like from Legend of Zelda lol
THings are gonna get quite interesting for these three
@silverpelt360: while i am a new warriors fan no i actually didn't realize that, PoneKitt was supposed to be a mix, Pone (or Pony) cuz i am a Brony, and Kitt (Kitten) cuz i am also a furry and my Fursona's a Cat, i didn't realize it was similar to warriors though lol
Sunshine is best Eevee, shes so cute
*Knowing that the "Star Sister" will be able to help the young Eevee

*It fills you with DETERMINATION
And so it begins
Oh I love how Innocent and Naive Sunshine is
@DarkEevee117: that definitely wouldnt end well
@Blaze01: how has he not fainted yet XD
Ok so (in Chapter 1) Black is allowed to bring his friend Gengar around to frighten everyone without asking but Speed cant bring some people along....fricken rude
Black is Pokeist, (Pokemon Racist)
and i wont let it go unjudged
Yay a new Sylveon,

also Koala is gonna kill you now XD
the next page is gonna be a feels trip isnt it
Shiny Vapy's Face in the 2nd Panel is so Cutie

"Have a Break, Have a KitKat!!"
"Too Cute for this World"
This is absolutely true, OwO
So like does he have no memory of this or what???
Also shall we add Speed's Injury's to the good old
"Jolteon Rekt Count"
Dungeon : Hello everyone and welcome to PMD School
Eevee : *falls down hole*
Dungeon : And you failed
@SeahDaLunatic: Its Freddy Fazbear XD