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I like fantasy, sci-fi, webcomics, graphic novels, books, writing, art and music. (Also Manga) The Chanters of Tremaris Trilogy and the Twilight series aore my favorite books and I am also currently writing a script for a webcomic that I am starting with a friend of mine. I love music more then anything and I sing and play guitar!
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Welcome to ssoc -Belial- ^_^
Reason I havn't posted any pages within the last few days is that my scanner is not hooked up (in fact I'm not even sure where it is at all) but luckily my friend said I could borrow her tablet for a while. (yayz!)
Thing is I don't think I'll be able to get the tablet from her until Monday when I see her at school...
I'm here, I'm just going through some issues.... but I'm going to definatly force myself to do a page by Wednesday!
You can go first, I don't know when I'll get around to posting a page
Sorry, I've been so busy. Long story short is I have a lot of homework to do and catch up on and I now have a boyfriend. There's a small chance I may end up having to leave the comic but I really don't want to so I'm gonna try to get all the homework done and stuff and post a page as soon as possible
It's taking longer then I thought to make the next post D= (stupid art program...) Someone can go before me if they want.
I should also update Ella's look! I'll post next I've been meaning to post something for a while....
I reeeeaaally should post a page.... I've been very busy latly sorry =(
Hmm... I have no idea who it could be for. Maybe Micchiru? I don't think it'd be for me though...

And I don't think we'll all agree on who it's for either.
I got DDR and some Cd's and some clothes.
Cool a flash game! I'd be happy to help ^^

What kind of injurys do you mean? Head injurys? Scratches?(like from Zombs or Duzie) Random bleeding?
Well if we're claiming pokemon then... I'M EITHER VULPIX OR UMBREON!!! =D
I have an idea... sorta... I'll post next I guess unless someone comes up with something and wants to post.
Cool a Christmas song! I'd also volunteer to sing except that my voice is all messed up right now and I'm busy trying to get my band together :)
Ella has hidden weapons all over the house. I messed up the porpotions in the 3rd and 4th panel and I didn't know how to draw a glare so I improvised...
ME NEXT!!! I got an idea...
Ella is a little bit of a rocker! (Cause I love Rock) And also everyone knows that her job is dangerous in some sorta way...
Does that mean that your going next Shadow since you have an idea? I may go soon if I can come up with something. I have few ideas...
HAPPPY BIRTHDAY CHEESE! (even though I'm a little late...)
And it's likely that Ella will eventually end up bringing her work home with her... *laughs evily*
My cats very territorial so if we got another cat then she'd go crazy. So I guess it depends on the cats behavior...