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Awwww! I like it! You made Ally look all cool and winky. :)
Haha thanks!

I don't draw backgrounds because I can't draw straight lines well. (; I usually draw comics on paper with sharpie, and they turn out much better.
This is the second part of Ally's introduction-comic-thing. If you can't tell, he's calling to ask about living in the house in the last panel. Sorry if my comics are weird, I'm used to doing strips with little or no background. *pokes Darling Dearest* ^^;
You should! (: I still have another page after this one, and it's almost done, but my stupid friend Blake keeps calling me from Busch Gardens to brag and it's distracting me.
This is my introduction page for Ally. (: I guess he probably doesn't know it's gonna be just guys there yet, but he won't mind. (;

Oh, and ignore my lazy-ness in the 2nd panel. I'm a dork. ^^
Thanks. (:
All About Al
Heyy I'm new. (: The name's Katie.

Name: Ally Ferguson
Nicknames: Ally, Al
Age: 17
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 134 lbs.
Job: He rides bulls sometimes for under-the-counter cash
Family: Stereotypical mom & dad, little sister named Leah
Personality: Kind, shy-ish around new people, talkative, weight-obsessed, slightly narcissistic
Likes: People, socializing, friends, dressing up, clothes, scarves/bandannas
Dislikes: Eating, food, calories, being fat, rejection, ghosts
Other: He has a pet dog who will (hopefully) be living in the house with him
Cool, thanks. (:
This is cute!

By the way, I'm new here and I've never done a collab... do I just post my character first and then like a page to 'introduce' him?
Bongo likes pizza. :3

I updated the characters section...
These cat sprites are cute! Did you make them?
I've changed my style quite a bit... The first 7 pages are about a year old, and I prefer my new style instead of trying to draw in my old one. Hope you don't mind!