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Here we go
Chapter 4. Expect length and awesomeness.
As I draw this chapter, I'm gonna go back and redraw Chapter 1 and make those character pages...
Get excited!
A few things
1) I was eating Mike and Ikes while working on this chapter. COINCIDENCE?! Actually, yes...

2) 777 looks like a swastika.

3) The next chapter shouldn't be up for at least a month...
They're always getting in my way... I can't make drawings of them make sense.
Small Note
There's a little detail I had that wasn't visible before. Now it is!
I thought of the angry sun from SMB3
Chapter 3 is arriving
Uh note: I'm not racist >_>
I don't think stereotypes are real, etc
I'm just being cliched
Bear with me.
Chapter 3, hype it.
The DJ is awesome
This is how almost all robo fight sequences go.
That's why one-on-one is cooler

And that last panel was fun to draw.
Notice which recruits are in it and which aren't. It shows a lot about some of their personalities.
A bit weak, I know
Sorry, the first two chapters are full of forced humor because I had trouble starting.
But please, bear with me. Chapter 3 everything will be naturaler
I needed some pizzaz
Okay so now I'm uploading the rest of Chapter 2.
A couple notes...
1) Font changed. My old computer died, that font isn't on this one. And this font is better
2) Note to self: make all pages on separate pieces of paper
3) Bear with me, it'll be awesome starting Chapter 3. Beginnings are hard, even after 5 years of planning
Wait this isn't squashed is it? I thought it was just my banner...
But before returning to the story...
I explain everything in every comic ever.
I'm back. Getting this going again...
Sorry for the lack of color but with all these characters on at once, it'd be annoying to color them all. Might later though.
First page I made the bubbles and wrote in them... But it got really annoying to erase my writing. So this time I just left space. But I didn't leave enough... Next time I guess I'll just make bubbles
Some Ekshplaining
Well this might seem a bit rushed right now but it'll make sense soon.