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"I've got 4 screws loose in my head"
Isn't that romantic ?
ah! id LOOOOVE it if u continue, pwease~
December 31st, 2007
oh i love ur art, this comic looks very profecional and i love how you draw emotions + ur layout is yami~
*gaspu* what happens next?!?!?
awsom 1st pannel, and i love ur...dialog?(the words u write in ur comic right?) yeah, its very pleasnt to read...i mean its just not stupit...ah watever, ignore my comment >>;;;
dude, ur art is preatty dam awasom *_* and its alice in wonderland~~~
nice combination <333333
nice toning on that last one~
yay update~ awww, thats sweet~
September 26th, 2007
that blood is sexy
that bug really is cuteness, it reminds me of a bee....soh fluffy XB me the tones from privious page n this page dont look very different...but aniways, i luv how u tone @_@ it looks amazingly prfecianal
woah, nice-o new layout *thumbs up* n yay, updatnez <3
August 11th, 2007
his expretion on 1st pannel ish awshomly cute
u draw action really awsom *nod**nod*
i lif this O_O
i love the creepy weard felling this has to it, <3
holy crap O_O ....this is so sad...
woah...amazing art~ ...m i really like how u color/tone it...<3
heh heh redrum <3
XD ur banner is crazy, im glad someone here is finaly not lazy enough to make fun of this.....funneh <3
June 12th, 2007
omg so cutttttttttttte, im ganna die <3333
May 21st, 2007
to ur had that game doom3, gaud it was so scary o_o i couldnt even play it along, i had to have somebody stand beside me...arg..i m too scardy cat was totally of the subject >>;