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Yay, we have reached the promised fight scenes. Both of the combatants look quite awesome. Things don't look good for Zeft though :o Blood appears to be quite efficient and worthy of it's name.

Noticed the description at the bottom in the banners, quite flattering ;) Thank you.
It was a pretty nice day, I hope you had an egg-celent time :)

It's an amazing peak to a fine collection of recently posted pages. I'm quite speechless. Very cute and cool.

Always enjoying ;)

Talking about goldmines, look at your own update which I sadly missed >: It would be an interesting thing to hopefully watch develop itself :)

Penelope <:o! She's still my favorite whcih is amazingly hard among your characters cause I really love each one D:> Except whore but she's a necessary evil :)

It's progressing quite fine, always looking forward to more.

I grew up happily with disco. It's a fine style of music, I forgot I was listening to the video and was wondering why I felt such at ease.
Two u's in sure?
I'm guessing a lot :o

Ohh, nice toothpick there. Hopefuly hat guy does not carry the curse of Vincent and bathrooms if you know what I mean.
I love the movement as she waltzes around clumsily in a rather cute way.

Nice rat too :P
I tend to butcher my tools so they look very odd :P I was refrenced the shoulders as an example, your shoulders are alright. I focus more on faces honestly.

Hopefully and I can barely remember the Lion King D:>

Please continue to natter. It's always nice to see some natter :3

That movie was awesome, sadly I also have amnesia with it D:>

I'm glad you're happy and as I've always said your comic could never get boring although I'm eagerly awaiting the reentry of Penelope.

De nada~~
I wasn't expecting the prince bit =0

I hope this doesn't end like Romeo and Juliet but something about the cloaked men in the beginning tells me it's much more worst.

Also, envy.
I trace everything with a pencil, then go over with line tracers, then I go shade and fill in with a pencil again. Inking would take so long and get so messy :S But it does look quite nice.

They are quite eccentric and enjoyable in this entertaining character driven story.

I keep certain rules in mind when tracing with a pencil such as forearm=head in length, woman shoulders are two heads in width and man's is three. I tend to ignore them every once in a while and just feel it out >_>

I wouldn't worry about the headshots, the variation is right on ;) The faces on the bottom of page 69 are marvelous in their irony. Lucy remains cute as ever :3 And page 71 is simply grand, very warm and cheerful scene :D

I was joking about going sci-fi xD April Fool pranks ya know ;o Thank you for always mentioning my comic with such enthusiasm :3 I believe there's an orange spot on your comic which is haunting Jigsaw :) Lovely handwriting on the hahaha and I like your use of empty speech bubbles, a lot.

Aladdin, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Tarzan come to mind. I did enjoy Alice in Wonderland but I can't really remember it at the moment. Lilo and Stitch was the last movie I really enjoyed.
The light is explained =D

"Shit", how appropriate for the occasion :) He has nice legs xD

I also could not imagine taking a dump with a hat on. I just can't o.0; I'm very weird >_>;
Coooooooool, published! :o I would most defiantly buy that if I were to cross upon it in a store. Very, very awesome indeed.

Awww D: I hope you get better in reference to your throat. *rub rub*

No need to apologize ;) I admire you for inking by hand though, that is quite amazing.

Awww once again, too bad about the ink color though I do see it as brown although much more bolder than the brown used before. I kind of like and it gives the scene intensity although it somewhat out of place among the other pages D: You could try some digital editing.

As a kid I found Tuxedo Mask to be the coolest guy ever.

OMGWTFBQQ :o I watched Flint The Time Dectective too, it was really weird but really cool at the same time. I loved the Da Vinci episode. Monster Rancher was epic as well.

Are your pages from a sketchbook or do you use the old lick and rip technique :3? Noticed some ripping on page 67.

Which is an hilarious page btw, very expressive and a constant movement in characters. Lovin' DD and his rambling and apparently constantly angry way of being. Lucy makes a nice contrast being the epitome of innocently cute, PUPPY EYES :3

I really like DD for some reason and page 68 only serves to amplify this way of being. He has quite a stagger to his walk and style. However rough and crude it may be in a way.

On the same page Lucy's figure work in the first panel is way too cute and precious for words just like her speech bubble although quite a contrast in style to DD's which is much more sketchy rather than implied. DD looks great in the other two panels along with Lucy in the last one but the real problem among the figures is Lucy in panel 2 ): And how her arms are too short and lack any subtlety of an elbow along with her legs moved too much to one side. That would be the only error in figure work.

From having experienced it, I know drawing while sick is not the best experience >_>; Once again, i hope whatever you have clears up soon and painlessly :)

Looking forward to more, as always :)

Nasty rat and lovely reaction, the changing colors really captured the mood and increasing shock of the expression.
Nice darkness. Might the lit light link to the thing feeling up her leg :3?

Looking forward to more~~
Cause you can store so many things up there ;) Nice movement and wetness.

I find the lit light odd for an abandoned house.
So, Afro is actually pretty short :* Still intimidating. In a passionate way ;)
Lovely designs on the bottom of page 64, simple but very expressive.

Lucy, very cute and curious in a way :3 Just like a innocent puppy especially in page 65 and her puppy eyes in page 66. Although similar Johnnie and Double D are quite distinguishable if you look closely;) Hilarious expressions on both page page 65 and 66 xD

I <3 DD and his rage :3

New inking style? Looks great although it is by hand? It would account for the rather odd splotch on DD's head. Although it still works xD

My first anime? Hmm... I'm pretty sure it was Sailor Moon.

PS: Two pages 66 with one not displaying anything D:>
Things are getting very interesting indeed. Go brave Ixis, go!

Although I don't think Ixal's target is Reina, or at least it wasn't.
Best love at first sight scene ever.

I love you and want to have your babies.
The amazing art shines above the creased faults :)

Good news ;) Nothing interesting. Hmm, drawing; I believe whore actually looks pretty beautiful now especially in page 62, before she looked more sexy/slutty. Intentional, I dunno :* Also Afro looks pretty short right there when I don't think he really should be although that's a painstakingly hard to draw perspective, I think it's mostly the next panel that adds to the shrinking.

It's pretty hard to find faults with your art for what looks odd or out of place still manages to work.

Afro's eyes have an intense aura to them reminiscent of roman bust such as that of Alexander The Great in a example of raw beauty. Obviously very intimidating.

Your faces have also improved greatly since the last update I commented on :) Keep it up :D

I really like DD for some reason but he can't compare to BOOK MAN NANANANANANANA BOOK MAN!

Obscure reference. Looking forward how DD responds to Afro's swagger.
Really? I think page 59 is amazing. intense intimidation. DD really gives off an unpleasant vibe :)

If I had to point it out, it's only the profiles that have seemed to have deformed. I can relate extremely to that >_>;

Thank you for the flattering compliments once again in a work I hope will continue to keep your lovely readership.

I can also relate to that >_>; You're an incredible artist and I'm sure you'll get through this self doubt almost all webcomicers have.

He comes off as more relaxed but not really suave. I would say more taunting and maybe even playful in a way but it's near impossible to exactly tell from one page :)

Awesome hair and angry Jig D:>
Oh Paper Bag Hobo, you hold my heart with your simplicity.

Still loving the rain and now the motherfucking pigs as well :D
Truth be told yellow is a color that alerts and agitates people, that's why most traffic signs are yellow in color but you achieved a calming yellow trough a subtle mix and soft mix of orange along with a reddish brown softening the yellows impact into a soft and tasty honey color which has a mellow effect that you have achieved.

I'm trudging along :3 I'm sure you'll catch your rhythm soon enough ;)

Lol, conspiracy xD I tend do as such with things I truly enjoy :) I'm glad it stoked you out :D

Don't worry, any self respecting artist feels like that ;) Your comic is indeed worthy.

Bum kick, but intentions still remain subtly hidden.

Jig looks adorable kicking him :3

Awesome first panel on page 58 and classical shock eyes :) I just noticed you draw hair quite skillfully with great movement.

Bad guys are always fun to draw and have come of quite cool and stylistic once again proving your amazing skill in characterization. Looking forward to learning more about them especially the apparently clueless one, her whistling is adorable :3

Great work as always :D