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Untitled heart
Check out my deviantart ^_~
Comic redraw?
Messy doodle is messy.
But yeah.
Possible redraw?
Guess what...
I drew this page a long time ago...
I have the next page drawn(just needs tones) and the one after kinda sketched. So yeah...
Everyone's gonna die aren't they?
You...used my doodle of a Nyert?
What a poor shot D: lol -dies-
You should have an actual Nyert in one of your comics.
Because it's sad to see that people think it's only a word :<
Sorry there haven't been any updates ;~;
Not giving up on this comic though :3
Here's a doodle in the mean time.
There's a reason Pamela's hair is black. Will be explained later.

Sometimes a girl just has to be forward~! 8D
To get it done faster I didn't color it.
Hey 14 days, thats better than 2 months! 8D
Told you the comic isn't dead
Just because it's called 'Death Calling' doesn't mean it'll die itself!!
Wow... I had this page drawn for months...Just never had any motivation to color it...
So did a really quick color. Ain't it purddy?
@ soren
Because you're cold and heartless? :(
And so once upon a time I drew the next page.
Untitled heart
September 26th, 2009
People who can update daily make no sense (:
I love how you draw hair.../random XD
Untitled heart
September 12th, 2009
Not dead, just lazy =w=
Tummy poke!
hee hee.
I think I made this page too fast...I don't like it.
This is basically a doodle comic. It won't be the neatest thing. So rating my pages means nothing to me. Though if you rate them high I thank you 8D
anyway hope you enjoy it(if anyone really reads it XD)
Love your coloring (:
I could never draw pictures like that. good job ^_^
if you want a program like photoshop then you should get GIMP. it's like a free version of photoshop. Yes, FREE.