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This account is pretty much dead. Made a new one. Hopefully with start some comics and keep working on them. The new account name is LittlestMonster.

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I love his mom! <3 She's the best!
I fucking love you!! and Gary!
You my fine friend have made mt day!
I clicked next with out even thinking. o__o
Happy Birthday!! *throws confetti*

Updates can always wait!!
Hope he get better soon. *hugs*
heehee >w<

I agree with Kizzy!

When I saw that you had updated I was like *gasp* Kizzy! >w< *pounds mouse*
About freaking time!! I like look of the page!
OH! what's going to happen next?!?!? O wO
That made me laugh out loud!! That doesn't happen a lot. XD
I love this page!!!
I love your art skills!!
Really there just amazing!
I was like 8D wooo...wait.

Good one! XD
My god I freakin LOVE the way you draw Oak!!! XD she...she can't be...
TwT I'm so happy!!! *big hug* I thought you where dead.
aww that mouse is way to cute...I want him T^T ( or is it a her? )