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I look kinda like a person. The female version. ;D
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It's rare for me to actually comment, but I've loved your comic since the very beginning and am so happy to see you're back. I've been rereading and just falling in love all over again with this story and your characters. I've always wondered where you went and what happened. I followed you on tumblr and missed seeing you update on there too. Regardless, it's not a crime to just... take time for you. Even if it takes years. Even if you need another couple of years to finish any project you start my ass will still be here to read it when it's ready.
January 10th, 2016
aaaaaaah I see that reference and it makes me smile
wet ass
wet ass
mars your face doesn't match your thoughts
what a goddamn cutie
mars stop playing hard to get
I DON'T KNOW IF I SHOULD MENTION THIS...but the one cloud next to Sander's head in panel a... NEVERMIND. I SEE NOTHING. my mind is just in the gutter. u // u

HAHAHAHAHA IT LOOKS LIKE SANDERS IS DOING KARATE?? and jock just kinda gave up on figuring out whatever sanders was doing LOL

uhhh mom obviously I know that. I want a breadless sammich ahhh you are so embarrassing what if my friends heard you omggggg!
HE IS GIVING YOU THE SIGN. THE SIGN JOCK. THE SIGN. it's first grade knowledge, my goodness. actually idk what the hell he is doing either whoops.

MOM GOD. so embarrassing. btw can you make me a sammich??
I have been on the run. Living the the life of a lone wolf. not really I just kinda sat on facebook and played candy crush. u o u

sanders stopped to give jock that come hinder look aw yiss.
Payton you go gurl. Show those boys who is boss. Don't let the man keep you down.
Dio you always have the best ideas never change
been awhile, I missed you and this comic lots<3

HOT DAMN. Jock, where have your legs been all my life?
you are the boss.
you own dis joint.
all bow. danny is telling you to get ice cream.
he has relaxing to be done.

btw. mom. justin's shirt won't be staying on him for too much longer, okay. I want it because of reasons.
I would never unfave!<3
is that how much he paid? XD

did he buy it for jock? to make jock guilty?
understandable sanders. I would have done the very same. not really. c;

14 SECONDS? it is a masterpiece.
gurl you got dis. he is all yours.
mentioning you are legal, nice one. slipping that dirty detail in. oh bby.

do not think you can get one pass her.

Jock, from now on - assume everything is your fault. because it is.

btw, gurl that is a fancy as hell sky-background wall. JUST SAYING.