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The only alcoholic drink I like is cider and I generally only have one a week if that, two at the very most (like once every year).
You are such a talented person! Love your work : )
I adore your work, everything about it is wonderful.
That kid really did not get any of his father's charm :)
all the best wishes to you and your family :).
kane no. but...
what about a doctor? : )
what if...
she's a mermaid that Circes traped in a human body and cursed her to be afraid of water!!
love love love
I am so glade this story is still going I love the storyline, characters, art, colouring... E-V-E-R-T-H-I-N-G! XD
I just figured out he was saying suprise when he is saying soupize... good thing the drawings are so good;)
Sooo so so glade that this is still going, love the storyline, art, characters, and creator <3!
Nothing says:
good marriage more then a shared history of stealing ships.
says his pants fell down and he doesn't wear unmentionables! wahhh ha ha ... I mean 0_O.
Why do I have trouble believing her when she says that she is not involved?!
I'm not sure if other countries have the same tradition, but in Aus we have a day called ANZA day to honor our soldiers that have gone to wars. The whole theme of the day is the idea 'lest we forget'. I think it is a wonderful thing that you have done, and I hope it encourages others to think of those who's shoulders we stand on.
I am trying not to laugh too loudly as I am at UNI and as we all know UNI is a serious place!I love this comic!!
I love the priest's face in the last pannal, I almost expect him to say yes.
That is all I have to say really. I love your humor.
@dedasaur: keep writting stories like these, and I'll follow you to the moon. I've already Fav both for the new stories.
Sorry if someone has said this already but does "grandpa's" beard keep changing throughout this page? and why is he bald in pannal 8. As always I love your stroy and the new layout is looking good:)
Is it just me or are those angry eyes of Castalia only for Balthasar!?