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Likes: Anime, Ice cream, funny stuff, Andy
Dislikes: mean people, bees, ... more mean people
*instantly ships them*
X3 I love DT so much.
DT: *Gotta get him to understand... OH I KNOW!* -CHOMP-
Do do do da do dododo....
Totally heard the R/B/Y bike music in my head when I looked at the third panel. XD
XD I love what you called the layers with Glenn Beck's face on it. Ugh, I wish that jerk would just shut up! Half the time he barely knows what he's talking about anyway. ...The only blessing is that the Daily Show gets to bash the hell out of him.
I like you too much to call you an arse. So you're just a jerk. Jerk.
Of course Tama-kun would never realize how stupid he's being like that. All he would do is get a horse and a tiger and bring them to Haruhi. "虎と馬、ね?トラウマ!"
She's so upset, she's slightly out of character! I imagined an Omake where she's saying: "Senpai! You're dripping all over the carpet and tatami mats! Stay outside!"
...He's too nervous to open the door.
This is the last page. I have no more. It's only five pages long. Mainly because I can't seem to finish comics that are too long. >_>;;
Hope you enjoyed.
A 5-page Doujinshi I made immediately after Chapter 75 was released. This is what I wished had happened at the end of the chapter, though I do like what wound up happening in canon.
I was wondering why the hat didn't make a reappearance after he put it on earlier. (He looked cute with it, though. Well, cuter than usual. XD)
If you had the 999 million dollars that you didn't know what to do with, you should first make sure you have enough for the rest of your life. Then, find different charities and foundations that you like (after research) and donate to them. Hell, you could fund awesome research projects, too. Or produce TV shows or movies. And make them AWESOME.
Just so adorable! I love the reactions they have to what they say to each other. <3
Eh heh...
To all of my 2 fans (if they're still expecting this to update) Yeah... Haven't updating in A WHILE. I'm SO SORRY. I have been really busy with college and stuff. So, uh... here are some sketches. >_> Of Andy as a Pikachu and a new character I may introduce if I ever get my butt in gear and update this. I still want to do this, I just have a lot on my plate, and my Muse for this left me. :/ Sorry. If it ever does start updating again, and it will when I have time, I will try my best to get more pages out. I also have to flesh out the script a bit more. I will somehow let people know that this updates, and I love these characters dearly, and I don't want their story to go unfinished (because an unfinished story is a tragedy, as I learned from Princess Tutu--BTW go check out this anime, it ROCKS. It's weird, but it ROCKS.
My poor Roy... T^T *huggles*
Runes and Circles in the background
I have these cool brushes from that I downloaded to make the runes. No, I'm not that cool. T^T I wish I were.
But you should totally check out for cool brushes like that :D they're very useful!
Maybe she'll get lucky the first time?
Re: Leahcim
Actually, that's how your partner actually reacts in the game. Kinda. XD They make a huge deal out of it.
Re: Leahcim
I'm not really big on backgrounds, but there are definitely more on the later comics coming up. The only problem is I've been rather lazy this vacation, so I haven't done much with this. I am definitely working on backgrounds though. I've mostly been doing stuff with character development until just recently, so that's why there aren't any, or are very few, backgrounds. ^.^
Huzzah! I love the color on Ed.