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I'm just some guy that makes comics.

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Typo on panel one, scrwed.
@Guest: the last time he was on SJ was two years ago, I don't think he's gonna answer that.
This was a lot of content for just 6 panels.

Hm, I still have a couple suggestions left, but go ahead and suggest some new stuff.
Except not you, Lord Enigma and Mister T. One suggestion per person at a time.
Guess you could call her a

Meta Knight?
Uh, I've seen the show dude. This is the pilot, which was something else altogether.

And yes, I'd like you to wait until I'm through with my current list of suggestions.
I may end up regretting only using gen-1 (and occasionally gen 2) sprites.
I think it's safe to say this show got better when it became an actual show.

Please still hold off on further suggestions for now!
Nah, I'll still do more Yokai watch, or whatever else, if you want me to. Stupid shows are easier to make fun of.

But, as I said, not right now, as I have a lot of other suggestions to go through.
By the way, cool it on the suggestions for a while, I've still got 5 pages to go through at the moment.

Edit: goddammit! "Cool it" is an accidental ice pun!
I already wasn't expecting it to be all that good.

And it still let me down.
As long as its got something resembling episodes that can reasonably fit into 6 panels, I'll consider it.
Also, feel free to post more suggestions at this point, haven't got any at the moment.
This show spends a lot of time recapping things that happened in the same episode.
New parodies over in this direction:
It sucks, but I really don't have much of a choice at this point.

Here's the new comic:
Before you cry foul at me making yet another comic when I have tons of inavctive stories that I'm barely updating, this one is actually replacing another comic that I currently cannot work on because I recently lost use of my 3D modeling program.

I've been thinking of doing this comic with 3D graphics, but it's not looking all that likely that it'll happen at the moment.

But enough of that. Suggest away!
Okay, so here are the several ways I can forsee this going wrong:

1. Steven is too much of a goody dork to actually hurt anyone.
2. Steven doesn't hide his identity very well.
3. Steven gets disqualified for accidentally using gem powers.
4. Steven accidentally exposes Amethyst as cheating because she uses gem power, and SHE gets disqualified.
5. Steven gets hurt very badly.
*applauds for Tink*

Wait, was that correct?
Hm, I'm gonna need some more convincing.
This is NOT where I expected this episode to go.

"Secret undergroud Wrestling Ring" was not on the list.