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I'm just some guy that makes comics.

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Guy's got a way with words.
So I keep saying I'm gonna update more often, and then there's pages like this, where I have to make panel 5.

Not that I took all that long on it, all things considered. an hour or two, maybe.
It's mostly just the dread of having to make it that made me wait on it for months.
Wait, I was supposed to think you weren't?
Clearly he used speedrunstrats to get up there.
"Dang fam, you're right."

Steven is kind of narrow-minded isn't he?
He always assumes everyone will like what he likes.
Title hasn't come up yet, but that's nothing new.
There would be a 'sh' at the end of those 'whooooooo' sounds, but they're kinda off-screen?
I mostly have this whole prologue thing completely planned out, but the last 6 panels here were improvised during the making of this page.
Okay, last bonus page for now. Next time will be episode 11.
I was already working on this one for a while, but if I get really bored I may do one for characters too.
Decent episode. Not my absolute favorite but.......

You know what, I've been thinking of doing a thng every 10 episodes, so stay tuned for the next page where I actually rank the 10 episodes I've watched.
I like Barry a lot in these colors,
can't he just stay like this instead of being pink?
Steven and Amethyst together have probably been the cause for more than 50% of their troubles throughout their life.

I'm willing to blame this one mostly on Amethyst though.
The boy who cried Lion
So did Steven take the "if all your friends jumped off a cliff" thing completely serious, and interpreted it the wrong way too?

Because I can't imagine why else he'd think trust falls off a cliff are something best friends do.
I'm trying to speed this along a little because I really want to get back to the CYOA part of the comic.
And I think you all want me to as well.

Also I accidentally set this page for a day later than intended. Whoops.
I feel like I could use panel 6 very successfully as a reaction image.

Get ready, another page is going up tomorrow.
Well, that was fun. I think I'll like this series.

Not shown on this summary: Meliodas repeatedly groping Elizabeth's boobs.
I thought I'd mention it here because they spent quite some time on it.
I swear I've just been memed.

And yes, my dread of watching this is why it took me so long to update.

No new suggestions please, I've got a bit of a backlog.