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I'm just some guy that makes comics.

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Also, feel free to post more suggestions at this point, haven't got any at the moment.
This show spends a lot of time recapping things that happened in the same episode.
New parodies over in this direction:
It sucks, but I really don't have much of a choice at this point.

Here's the new comic:
Before you cry foul at me making yet another comic when I have tons of inavctive stories that I'm barely updating, this one is actually replacing another comic that I currently cannot work on because I recently lost use of my 3D modeling program.

I've been thinking of doing this comic with 3D graphics, but it's not looking all that likely that it'll happen at the moment.

But enough of that. Suggest away!
Okay, so here are the several ways I can forsee this going wrong:

1. Steven is too much of a goody dork to actually hurt anyone.
2. Steven doesn't hide his identity very well.
3. Steven gets disqualified for accidentally using gem powers.
4. Steven accidentally exposes Amethyst as cheating because she uses gem power, and SHE gets disqualified.
5. Steven gets hurt very badly.
*applauds for Tink*

Wait, was that correct?
Hm, I'm gonna need some more convincing.
This is NOT where I expected this episode to go.

"Secret undergroud Wrestling Ring" was not on the list.
Good thing this stuff didn't cover Steven's entire body, or he'd be dead now.
David Bowie is disappointed.
Should've just added this to the end of the previous page, this page is both short and nothing of substance really happens.

I still don't like it when Steven sings.
It IS just like the teacups!

Break whatever is in control of the spinning things, and the whole thing just breaks apart violently!
As always, Steven's level of intelligence rises slightly depending on how much time has passed since the start of the episode.
Have I said that Steven is a dunce enough yet?


Hm, I don't think I have.
All three of them are sinking their game, but Ollie seems to the least deep.

I'd love for him to win.
Goddammit this show is trying to hit me in the feels again.

Stop it.