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I'm just some guy that makes comics.

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typo on panel 2, "an't".
@Flare the Expunk:
We'll see. I don't think I'll have people "pre-order" characters.

Plus I don't know how long I'll take with the first fight.
September 11th, 2019
@Flare the Expunk:
Video games are a little too lengthy to summarize roperly in 6 panels. I'll do Pokémon adventures.
At least I've fixed the issue where the floor mats were the same color and shape as speech bubbles since the last time we were here.

No need to go back into the comic to check, I fixed it there too.
Ninja cavalry, here to save the day!
And kick you in the back of your neck!
For those of you who don't remember why she said that:
No pulling the wool over their eyes.
E) literally every being imaginable
There's more than one mage in service in the castle, yet for some reason I always decide to use this guy.
I bet there's a korok in it.
'upcoming' page made.

It's up there next to the archive.

Go check it out if ya want.
This is my list of the last 9 summaries, ranked from favorite to least favorite:
1. Hero Academia
2. Ace Attorney
3. Pokémon
4. Seven Deadly Sins
5. Kirby Right Back at ya
6. Yu-Gi-oh
7. ...the introduction page? (Only ranked this high because I did not like the two below at all)
8. Yo-Kai watch
9. David, the gnome.

I'll continue doing this every 10th page. But now it's back to your requests! On that topic, I'm gonna make an 'upcoming' page on this comic where you can check what's coming next.
what's going on with that guy's face on panel 3?
Does Clarissa know she needs people to vote for her to win if she makes it to the end?
See, unlike the previous hiatus, which I took because I dreaded watching David the Gnome, this hiatus came about because of entirely the opposite reason. I love My Hero Academia, and I wanted to do it justice, so I've been experimenting with sprite styles for quite a bit.

And no, All Might's sprite on panel 5 is not one of the reasons making this page took so long. I spent less than a day on that one.
Sorry, but I stated on page 2 that I wouldn't do any creature capsules or helper trophies during this fight.
@Rodri "Dante":
Ah, I knew I forgot something.

I'll fix that later.
Also I finally noticed I forgot to put the little window on the front of the Grand Hound for the last few pages.
So I'm not too up on my survivor, what does a vote steal entail?