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I'm just some guy that makes comics.

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Actually, the area you play the game in is shaped like a bottle.

So it's probably more like a science experiment or a prescription, rather than just shoving them into the patient's mouth until it dies.

Well that's the third option then.
It's up to you to believe if Marcus kicked him in his stomach, or someplace slightly lower.
Until Steven eventually names it himself, I'mma give him a temporary name to refer to him as so I don't have to write 'the Lion' all the time.

From now until he gets a real name, I'm gonna call him...


<img src="">
I really hope this doesn't turn into a cliché "hide your pet from your parents" episode.
We just came off of an episode where Steven and Amethyst named themselves after big cats.
Oh, and earlier we also had an episode about Steven turning into cats.

And now: A lion.

Something tells me one of the writers might like cats a lot.
I had to look up what wallflower means, but yeah, even more at that point, I relate to Prancer.

Except I don't own any pogs anymore.
Good episode.
I still like Bubble Buddies better, but this one is certainly in my top 3 so far.
<img src="">
Figures that the thing that breaks Steven is making the greatest jerk in the show sad.
I keep ending pages with Lars for some reason.
Got three in a row now.

Come on Steven I would have greatly prefered Monkey Millionaire.
At least the mask might have helped hide your identity a little bit!
I liked making this page.

Is good page.

I happy.
I'm on an updating spree and no one can stop me!
Two updates in two days?! Whaaaaaaaaat.
Yes, even after all this time, the comic is still not dead. I'm probably gonna have to start updating more than once a year though.
Perfectly awkward giving the fairytale pairing a go.
A cold. Or a train.

Well, the train depends on how supernatural your strength is.