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huge hiatus since forever. uhuhuhu sorry.
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lol this reminded me of onidere..
rofl poor Poseidon..
lol XD i always love these kind of scenes..they're also so funny and cute..
sketchy is always fine, makes things seem more calming..or w/e..-

and lol at the last panel
oh funny that i found out about this because of your drawing on DA.. =T
oh my isnt she just so pretty and cute =T ..
from the bottom going up is the order i want =T ..
well that girl was a whore anyways =P ( i bet Zak spreads AIDs D: )...
my guess is just that Zak is having sex(or well in bed naked with a girl), or Zak is all tied up cuz Aito is secretly a crazy insane sadistic torturer... ._.''
well arent you getting better at drawing =T ..
well dont they look very sexy =T.. lol ._.''
lol thats what i do to alot of guys when im bored and happy =T
wish i could draw real stuff like this DX cuz we are doing portrats in art class =T
nice job with the ghostly figure <_< i like it =T (still kinda creepy to see her smiling that way ._.'')
she's so cute ._. ...
the eyes look kinda weird to me don't you think?..
September 19th, 2008
I like this, I had an idea to make a half demon half angel but then the story just got messed up =T
well you seem like you gotten better ^_^

i like the hair alot ._. i just like hair..
(sorry doesn't have any tips to help you improve =/)
(knows it's late)
ahh so pretty ^_^
im just wondering how long did that take you .-. ?