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Feel the power of ICE!
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The two other guys are the knight from FF1 and Firion from FF2.
Sweet! Christmas trees that kill people!
Just saying
You should probably look up the Kwanzaa stuff again on a different site because the infomation on Wikipedia can be easily changed in to wrong info, but anyways funny comic.
Oh thank god!
How much more drama do I have to endure?
one question. Which hurts more? Being burned to death or being frozen to death?
Oh yeah I remember that part. It didn't give much trouble when I had an ice rod and the aqua breath skill.
LOL! You even got a Robot Chicken line.
Woah...Are you trying turn this comic into a drama or what?
I agree
Well.....this is ironic.
Hahaha! Man you really know how to lie. You guys might have noticed that I changed my avatar. Try to guess who it is. (Hint: he is a robot.)
Superman just got sniped! LOL!
Edgar has been turn into stone. LOL