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um i like games where you kill nazis i hate people that flame and i play games a lot i am also crazy
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    go to the dagobah system and train as a jedi from yoda
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mario must be a liar cause his pants are on fire
first custom sprite ever how awesome is that :)
not much but hey its a start now to make a custom one
doesn't seem like entrean is okay either
mezzizo the destroyer of universes has arrived
edit:from now one in each of my comic i will put a little fun fact with stuff like my original ideas and other stuff

the fun fact for this comic is lightning was originally going to be sonics brother but eventually i scrapped it
woot update also if you ever watched bo bo bo you will know where i got the idea of his face
i forgot to add but people can author here but i will only allow to co authors and they atleast gotta be good and their characters appear when i say they do even my character won't appear for a long time
first real comic also i had one comic and already 4 fans awesome
a good start
according to mario:rpg lot7s he tastes like sandpaper
not very many sprites but thats cause i'm lazy though as my comic LTH domain progresses through the first scythe war i'll be updating this
who got the all your base reference
the gun that fell and smashed LTH's cranium will be useful soon and for those dissapointed with the banner i am making a better animated one

on a side note:i can't continue the comic for a while
i can see why :P too bad the cupcake died
thanks :3
thanks pwnage
made using only woot