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Hi, I'm Real, the an amazing creator of Past Chaos and My name is not Madeline. I'm not the best sprite author but I enjoy writing them. I also enjoy reading them, so if you have a comic you'd think I like PM me about it.I like manga comics too.
My hobbies pretty much included writing, roleplaying, video gaming, spriting, reading comic books and manga, reading vampire books, chating randomly on the internet, and watching anime. Yes I'am a super nerd but that's ok because so are you.
I've been on hiatus lately because of college work but I'm back now and some what better then ever so please comment on my web comics.

@ Blaze: So I did make the situation slightly beter I'm not completely useless.

@ Atomic Dragon: can you get me a laser. Please, *unleashes the puppy dog eyes*
lol that music is way to cool for Eggman
you asked where the bomb went in comic 10 brawl 3
Now what to do with my new amount of free time
Cute puppy dog eyes always make the situation better
This comic is me, Real the hedgehog, an infamous blond hacker who seeks happiness, power, and attempts to achieve the ultimate fan girl of marrying Shadow (who can barely remember my name). However, pink ninjas, lost sisters, random Eggman plots, and dumb blond moments constantly get in my way. Want to know what I'm talking about then check out the link.
he must have studied gravity
wow that just shows how popular Eggman is
ops my bad I forgot to upload it
This strip was inspired by a question raised by Lugbzurg.
soon sonic will finally make his apperence in the sonic fan comic
so did I until I needed him for this strip
I think sushi is pretty good depending on the sushi. Surumi or california rolls are pretty good
Yes I know all of you have been waiting so long for Eggman to appear in the comic again. excuse my sarcasm
Whoa since when can Mjrn glow red stuff? Find out next update
Sorry its been a while. Next it's Mjrn's turn to deafend Trish
Also thanks for the tip Blaze I'm joining as we speak
I've heard of that isn't brotherhood supposed to be similar to the manga? Fullmetal is always awesome
But it worked on Dragon ball z
It's good to be back Lug and I'm happy your happy