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I like Pokemon, Digimon, and Keroro.
hi say to my dragon!
Im the author of three comics, and a co author of Pokerandom.
^my DA
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    Call me Gao or SurfPika.
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This is my Skuntank Skagger.
Apparently, Skuntanks can use flamthrower, which is kinda odd to me. I guess Nintendo like fire breathing skunks.

I found out that fact the hard way when one of those Galactic people used a lv. 40 something Skuntank against me and I sent out my Lv. 30 Lucario, thinking about easy exp. Instead, I got a burned aura dog XD.
We are in the 21st century; shouldn't pokemon need escalators for PMD?

Stairs are so overrated XD.
This is CinnamonBootz's page and it looks alot better than my pages(maybe I cause I spend like 5-10 minutes per page XD). Good job!

BTW, CinnamonBootz, you can't upload comics via DA link. you need a photobucket link/Click save as on DA image and upload through machine.
As many know. k4 has come out and to celebrate I drew Caesasa as a dragon!
May draw the others.
Sorry about all this filler.
my scanner is now operating decently; a power surge caused my scanner to start working again but occasionally, it turns off at random times.
got to scan a page from my friend's house.
Tried a new style; I like it.
I believe Rekiki/CinnamonBootz will do the next page or two.
This Keron is part of a platoon that the other mystery character is also in.
Who's this Keron?
Looks kinda fierce, maybe a platoon leader?

Not telling who this character is.
This page is ok; The next page is better.
The ears should be smaller, I drew this page in like 10 minutes.
I just didnt want to stretch all this stuff, just wanted to go to Ramen Udon faster.
Pretty plain and bad page. didnt want to drag out all this intro stuff.
As Lobobo pointed out, I suck at drawing space craft so thats the end result.
I think this comic is going well, and I've searched keroro on smackjeeves, and thic Comic appears!
Pretty cool to be the first hand drawn keroro comic.
So the comic has begun. Will try to aim for weekly updates.
Only the first page of every chpt will be colored.
My poorly colored title page.
The ttle page. thanks to Rekiki/CinnamonBootz for drawing and coloring this. Comic will come soon.
Dont you hate it when chatot steals 90% of your $?
Im the new author of pokerandom, gao.
Haha funny togepi.
Ps:Im trying to post a comic here but it doesnt let me it says unauthorized.