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My hobbies are MTG, D&D, and Pokèmon.
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Healing berries=0. Healing factor=IMMORTALITY. 'Till natural death.
That his face turning purple from oxygen deprivation.
He still won't die.
Panel 8 is my little sister half the time when I get home from school.
You guys are dead to me.
One question, when will Leafy tell Lazuli about their father?
That would be funny.
Sorry read the table wrong. Ice is not like psychic.
Yes I 'm a dark eevee. Thank you for noticing.
Wouldn't you laugh if someone ran into a wall hard enough to get that injured? 'Cause I would after helping them.
It's not that I don't like like shiny Jolteons, it that I prefer normal or shadow Jolteons.
Ice aren't weak against Rock types. Ice types are strong against Rock types, but weak against other Ice types.
I would be a Jolteon. I just really like his powers. And I would always wear a light metal suit.