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My hobbies are MTG, D&D, and Pokèmon.
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And can anyone tell me where to find the comic with speedy going into the lab is?
When do we get out of Flare's mind?!??
But how do we know which one is which?
So... I wonder which of the multi-verses Ash Kechum lives in?
So that's how she can do it!
Okay, why is he there?
The LeafyxFlare ship has never been so real!!
That clears a lot of this up. Thanks for the everything PKM!
And, while not what I expected, nice. Doing great PKM.
Yes, new chapter. This is the best comic ever!!!! I don't care if I have to wait for months to see the next page. I will wait.
That's the smile of "screw it, she's too adorable not to love."
Oh, and then he'd have to explain on the spot why his adopted daughter is calling two pokemon mommy.😏😹