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i like hip hop,love eeveelution squad,drawing, reading,and so much more. I also love to talk to people and make friends,I have 3 dogs and 1 cat.
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@TheSerperior: huh what do u mean i have the confusion. 0w0 wait never mind because i just saw wat glitched said so yea. and this is also for everyone if u were an eeveelution who would u fuse with.

example: my oc a dragon/steel type with glaceon.
@Squirtle sqaud: Ok this is for everyone in each comic chapter all of them say finale at the end of the special or comic chapter so it doesn't mean that its really the end of eeveelution squad
@PoneKitt: i have a question for u, do u get your name from a book called warriors because ponekit goes to ponepaw and ponepaw goes to pone something when it turns into a warrior.
@PoneKitt: i just love the part when vappy just looked at lazuli and silvia with that big expreesion on her face.
Vappy: According to plan(*snicker,snicker)
@Joltyboii: YAY IM FORTH!!!!!!!!! and also NEW PAGE!!!!!:)
@TeranganPkmtrainer: nice, can they plz hurry up with the new pages!
@Crazham: oof jolteon suffocating by Silvia rip jolteon
@DarkEevee117: u don't like the shiny one
@DarkEevee117: nice! shiny or regular jolteon
@DarkEevee117: if you were a eeveelution which one would you be. or if u want to make your own eeveelution wat will it look like? I would be a dragon/steel type. i would name it cloudeon it sounds like a flying type name but i don't care
@LuckTheLuxray: um who are u telling that to be more specific.
@DarkFireEevee: really, glaceon bumping into a wall? (oof!) but u know she's smarter than that right. and that is not the truth at all!But they had to lie otherwise it would get more worse. Plus that excuse was very freaking TERRIBLE!!!!
@Thunder4036: fine and I didn't say he was dead
@The outsider: wow. what is jolteon's sources of magic i meant sorcery. Imagine leafy was there in the battle and got hurt by cc! Flareon would kill her by now.
@DarkEevee117: I guess he decided he want to come back but he is his now his 11 year old self but still 16. or maybe he came back because fluffy said that he might still be alive maybe they were in a game mode or something idk