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I'm a guy who likes writing stories in a visual medium. In truth I want to be a filmmaker in the future, but comics could another way if that falls downhill.
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    Paschal Dooley
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There's is no hope, no one stop the might of both Wailord and Cranky...unless someone has a bumper maybe.

On a seriously note, I'm glad your'e at least giving this series a proper ending, and I will admit the ship with Kirby's face does make me smile for some reason.
Wow it's been a while.
I apologise for the long silence, but real life has been eating all of my free time and I've been trying to find a way to move this series, hence the subject of this post.
I've been thinking about moving the series from sprite comics to drawn comics for the simple reason that I don't have that much spare time these days and there are a lot of sprite sheets that need to be created, plus I'm getting tired of trying to compensate for the limitations of the medium and I want to try something new.
That said I do understand though that people fell in love with this because it's a sprite comic and switching to drawn comics brings it's own challenges and workloads so after giving it some thought, I've come with three workable options, and I'll leave the choice to you guys.

1) Stick to sprites but demote myself to writer/designer role (in other words, hire other people to do sprites and make the actual comics)
2) Switch to full colour drawn comics (better looking but slower uploads)
3) Switch black and white drawn comics with coloured covers and/or colour specials (faster uploads but no colour)

The choice is yours.
@Luffy McDuck:
I've no specific date yet, mostly because there are still story arcs to plan and sprites to make. I'll give out more details when the series is almost ready and I know what I'm doing.
@Xanden: I'm afraid I already have back-ups and the deadline for the contest has long since passed. If you want to send them in for a cameo roll that's fine, but sadly there's no more room for cast members right now. Sorry.
Sorry about the late update, the last weekend was insane so I had no time to focus on this, and I barely got this prepared in time for this weeks update. Hopefully things will settle down now.
@sammycatcube: know, it's dark and stuff....
@Super Bluey: It has...that's why these pages are called 'celebration'
It is now; Sorry about that.
That's it, the End!
Don't forget to post comments post PM's about your favorite character, battle, arc, etc. Or any questions you have regarding season two as I will be making a special video to celebrate the end in two/three weeks.
Sorry guys, one more delay
Work's caught up with me and I have to do some more sprite work in order to make the next pages, so there's going to be one more delay, sorry about that.
You ok?
Ok then I'll just leave you to your supervillian fight ^_^
Last time I promise
I've almost meet the deadline for the freelance job I'm currently on, so hopefully this will be the last time I have to do something like this. Proper update next week I swear.
I'm currently on a freelance job with an intense deadline that ends in two weeks, so you may put some filler content during that time. I'm sorry and I'll try to get back into the regular update schedule as soon as I can.
Sorry for the late update
I'm got alot of work on my plate right now, so that's slowed down progress, and I may not be able to get the next page out by the weekend, but I will do my best.
So Sorry Everyone
I know I took forever releasing, but sadly this issue requires a lot of work, and I've noe got a job so time is quickly being eaten up. I'll and get back into the normal routine soon, but if I don't please bare with me, because I'm doing everything I can to get this battle done.
You have until the end of this chapter and there are a further 11 pages to go, so no.
Oh, sorry. In that case, yes it is ^_^
Yeah sorry that this is so late, but I've just gotten a job and work is piling up. I'll try and get the next page fished sooner, but I can't make promises. Hope the pages are worth it when they come out.