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I am a would-be writer starting to college next fall. Yikes! I really don't like video games that much, but I LOOOOVE Fire Emblem for the stories and characters. (Erk+Serra 4evah!)I also love webcomics (surprise), reading, and drawing, not in any particular order.
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Not really...
He isn't really evil... just not necessarily "nice." ^_^

Thanks for pointing out the flubs!
Sorry, people.
Been really busy this week. I'll try to have comics at least until mid-August, when college starts. Ick.
You've obviously forgotten the SPP rule.

The use of the Silent Penultimate (and, in this case, antepenultimate) Panel is as follows: 1)Shock joke, 2)SPP, 3)Anticlimactic punchline. It's an award winning formula.
Curse the Japanese!!!
We want our FE!!!


And they get the ninja, too. So how are we supposed to infiltrate and steal it?
Yes, it is. Because I was about to go STARK RAVING CRAZY if I had to cut out and line up another friggin' little number.

Yeah, so Nex didn't get the joke at first, but I couldn't fix it very well. Hope y'all have a better sense of humor. =P

...need that sprite, Spec!
Eh, same here.
Canin made some of the sprites, I made some of the sprites. But I invent the characters and write the jokes... then show everything to Canin, who reads it and tells me why it's not funny and what I should change. kind of the same. :P
Oh, Wow!
That looks AWESOME, Spec. Do e-mail me the mage, though, instead of posting it here, since he's an unrevealed character and all. Thanks a bunch!
She has your alter-ego saying that dogs are better than cats. It's different.

And if you're the author... why does SHE have you saying it? Hmm? =P
I'm not allowed to make any. Google it! Really! Just Google whatever you want to roleplay, and "roleplay"! It ain't hard, I promise.
You need to make the mage. I'm running out of Ellen-based jokes, Mister Spriter Man. =P
I know you need help.

... =P
Google it!
I'm not your stinkin' search engine! =P
That is just... yeah, okay, I can deal with bloody zombies but... keeee-rud, dude. You need some help.
It isn't spelled wrong at all.
I just got tired a long time ago of people thinking "Rayn" was a typo for "Ryan" and then thinking I was a guy. I dropped "Rayndrop" about the time the Cloud died.
Yes, she is. All mounted units stay on their horses at all times. Even when entering houses. Shoot, when Renais was attacked, Seth was just hanging around on his horse in the frickin' throne room. Seems like there oughta be some kinda royal etiquette forbidding that, but there you have it.

I'm pretty sure mothers of mounted units have to give birth to the horse too. Or maybe the kid is surgically grafted onto it immediately afterward. One of those traumas you're allowed to inflict on an infant just because they won't remember it in a month.
This is where Ophelia starts to resemble you, Brit. I saw her quietly taking Bernard out of the closet, and I grinned. I imagined YOU quietly taking Bernard out of the closet, and I started laughing.

You would TOTALLY do that.
The limitations of static, expressionless head-and-shoulders sprites. An always reliable source of laughs.

Seriously. I find it amusing how the characters always have to narrate their actions when they're doing anything except standing still, talking. "I'll get off my horse, now!" "I'm going to sit down!" And how can we forget the Wil/Rebecca conversation where Wil gaspingly informs Rebecca as she leaves, "You punched me in the... stomach..." o_0
You could always count all the lil' boxes. =D

I really don't know, I just put an appropriate amount on Sullen and a ludicrous amount on Apollo. ^_^
Of course, it isn't really a long story. It would just be pointless to repeat it when you, my loyal readers, already know all about it twice over.

...So it would SEEM long. *nods*