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:O If we reboot?!
If we are starting again i wanna helpp!

Invite me back?
lawllll your the best
i also spelled their wrong.... >_> i suck.
lol Buuuu kody's name got cut off in the scannerrr >_>"

But theres your little lazy update. <3
lol this is mega cute >_< Love the fist panel the best.

is she embarrassed?
Sorry itas been a while! >_< lol elliots leg just gets cut off behind her. lawl

Stinkin' kody got in the way.
oh nmyy, sorry ive been gone for a while..looks like i HAVE to reply to this since its so epic! <333

lol you drew elliot perfectly.
Same here. HSM sucks. lol but i like this collab, i have to be more active. Hehe, kody looks goooddd
oooh he's hot,

(lol he's grbbing his own crotch)
She's gorgeous!
OMG! fourthe panel is so unbearably cute!
August 17th, 2008
lol Like the "bad cool guy look"
oh...i actualy really dont want to watchteh so i havnt either. O_O

this is such an awsome page! filled with cute.
Har har, tis is

you didnt fail! this is bangin'
Elliot: Thankyou thankyou, i try....
Lol Elliot and his twisted logic. Oh well, now we have a pair of womanizers! ^_O
OMG, lol i have the perfect reply for this.

im replying to thisss!!!!!
sorry about this, i had to take a picture of it and upload it since im not around a scanner or a tablet. Anyhoo! Kody's true form is revield! He's a womanizer!