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Me like playing
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Truly get the point here, and besides, there's too much(?) fan comics including DBZ stuff...
That was...
...the most epic moment in the comic so far. But also very sad :(
It's a trap!
...Oh, only Jigglypuff. Buzz off.
If saving 2 humans and a maximum of 7 pokémon requires sacrificing a forest filled with pokémon, we sacrifice the forest without a doubt...
Wait what?
YYYYYEah... About that...
Somehow I once again lost the ambition to do this so far. Moving to A3 format of pages isn't easy. And I really need to focus on school now, so I can keep my studies under control. I'm considering to finish Chapter 8 by hand and then upload them with the normal tempo of 1 page/week. The updates may be able to start at November, December, maybe year 2012... I'm just really sorry that I got peoples hopes up for nothing, I'm in need of a kick to continue this comic. And, sorry McDuck, yours isn't good. So stop kicking my ass.

Srsly, sorry people. If you feel that you can kick me back in the phase, feel free to send me some kicking trough private messages. And if there's any people you think might like the comic, please send them the word to at least try to read this comic. I'd love to reach more fans of Emerl and One Piece trough this comic. Thx in advance.
Chaos or G-/Emerl. I'd go more for Chaos.
Groudon's Face
It's the greatest in this comic so far. It's like me about to kick some butt.
You know, maybe he's, like, a game character who doesn't age?
Or maybe he's using his science to make him live long... Or maybe he's an android.

Aww, I was just getting warmed up to this fight T-T
Sonic's pissed...
But seriously, the last question made by Sonic was like kicking a man to balls. I think Amy's cornered, since her answer will ruin at least one relationship...
September 7th, 2011
It's back!
That's right, folks! EOP is back and hopefully gets it's steady running phase soon!

And right off the bat you get some special facts of this page: the last panel is actually an A4, whereas the 3 first panels cover an half of an A4 paper (since I wasn't happy with the last panel, and cut it off).

It's been really long, has it? Well, hopefully I can get on the regular Monday updates soon, since my first problem would be scanning A3-papers, mainly because I haven't found a scanner from my school that can copy A3 to A4. Maybe I should pay a visit at my old high-school...

Anyways, enjoy as we get more of interesting plot twists!
September 6th, 2011
I'm REALLY SORRY, everyone, I just forgot I had an update to do! Wednesday, I promise, on 7th of September, there will be an update! Luffy McDuck can shoot me if you don't get your update then!
...Wait, McDuck, put that gun down, it's not Wednesday yet...
Why's the ground shaking in the last panel?
...Finally that kid understood that Kanto bugs suck.
Burn Baby Burn!
'>In order to find exit, put your finger in your mouth, so the finger gets little wet, then raise your finger in the air. If the finger gets dry faster from one side, there's probably air current that comes from outside. Follow the current to exit.'
@Luffy McDuck
Ei niin helppoa: Mistä kopiokone johon laittaa se A-3?
Viivat päätin vähän rushata kun halusin niitä suhtkoht paljon ja viivottimen kanssa olisi mennyt pieni ikuisuus.
Summer greetings!
Hi! Once again, update's on time :3
Last week, my summer vacation began... by painting marking sticks for my granpa's sprouts so their spots would be seen at autumn. The job was easy and, in some sort, fun. So I'm still working on next week's update, and sketching hasn't gone much far for Chapter 9 (yikes!), so it'll be busy at my summer! Of course, along playing Pokémon White, training for possible Super Smash Bros Brawl Tournaments, doing random little jobs set by my parents and starting a Let's Play, I should still have little bit time to work on EOP, the comic that I (and hopefully you) love so much.
So in case that there won't be update next week, please realize that I too need my vacation. I will try to keep on the update rate stable, so be prepared that there will be either:
A) Major updates once or twice per month (4-5 pages?)
B) Random updates, which will return to normal update rate after summer holidays.

Oh! About this page, as usual!
Really though long what Turlois would yell. But the effects on this page are some little things that I'm proud of as an artist. I usually like to do as much details as I can, even though A3 paper would serve me better on this purpose than A4. The problem is, I don't have a scanner big enough to scan A3s...
The conclusion?
Nothing much to say here. Notice what happens inside Emerl when he absorbs the Chaos Emerald, it will clarify little bit of future/past...
@Samurai Pizza Hedgehog
Wild Luffy D. Monkey Appears!
Go Brook!
Brook used Surf!
It's super effective!
Wild Luffy D. Monkey drowned!
Brook gained bad reputation and no Exp :(
What if OP Characters had their own Pokémon?
This was the first picture of an ongoing project of creating fitting Pokémon to Strawhat Pirates. For Brook I thought, hey, Duskull and Cubone. Why, you ask?
Let's start with Cubone. It's got it's mother skull (kinda nocturnal) and carries a bone, like some sort of cane Brook also has. Nature? Jolly (+Spe, -SpA).
Duskull. As Brook's Pokémon, it has same kind of crack on it's skull, just like Brook. Irony included: Brook is afraid of scary staff, like ghosts. But it seems that Brook has accepted Duskull... until it evolves, that is.

I started this thing before 5th Gen Pokémon Games, but as they were revealed, both Luffy's and Brooke's decisions were unaffected. I hopefully will soon do more of these (either Sanji or Zoro next).

...Update? Oh, yeah, the comic. Will return next week hopefully, since I'm kinda busy right now: for one week, I'm studying drawing live models (men and women). Hopefully this course helps me draw OP humans better...