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I'd like to see two of my stories in manga form.
Haruhi is a runaway living in an alley. She sneaks into Amadeus Academy to avoid being caught on the streets and pretends to be a student. When she heads back to her little alley, she comes across her classmate, Katsuo. He demands that she stay with him and not sleep on the streets. She ends up in his house as a maid, and ends up in the room next to Katsuo's playboy brother, Ren.
Ayumi is a manga-ka, but she has trouble coming up with story ideas. So she works with a boy named Hatori. They never meet face to face, instead corresponding through email and postal mail. Little does Ayumi know Hatori is really a girl named Nadeshiko, who goes to her college. She and Nadeshiko are classmates, and Nadeshiko knows that Ayumi is the girl who draws the art that goes into the series 'Sakura Gardens'. They are in love with eachother, but will Nadeshiko be able to convince Ayumi that she really is Hatori? (GL!)
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Tadaima! That's the one thing I could know on sight XP but only cause she's coming in the door and taking off her shoes... the other one was something-ah-ah >>
November 22nd, 2008
Yay! This looks good ^.^ I'm glad you updated.
November 22nd, 2008
Hi Daddy! XD If I knew Falc in real life I'd so be teasing him about that.
Annie from Life on Mars! XD
October 25th, 2008
lol, wow...
Yesh, come to the dark side, we have bishies!
lol XD wow. That's why I don't use japanese every day. I only say it when I want people to slow down.
Me:"Matte kudosai!"
Other Person: *stops* "What?"
Me: "Thanks!" *runs ahead*
I have no idea who I'd be at that party XD
Although I'm mad for him insulting me XP And I don't have a crush on drawings! Except that one guy >>
Yeah, D< I hate that! I keep getting called 'Tiny' by this senior in my drama class XP
doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom!
XD I love my nekked angel and Sammy *huggles*
Pwushies! :D :D I want that puppy! And some plushie humans would be nice! :D the little guy in goggles would be cool! :D
Yeah, what Myakonekko said. 'I heard my brother got killed by it'
He's a Tad bit different ^.^
You should've put 867-5309 >> but yeah, friend code is good.
August 31st, 2008
Wow, now that you remind me its from Power Rangers I actually remember the guy. O.O
I was going to ask about the dark hair >.>
August 21st, 2008
Hee hee ^.^ Obiwan!
Hee hee :XD Death Note
@spiralfanatic Pomegranates ^.^ yeah, they're really good. Messy though >.>;

And I love this series ^.^ Persephone's story was one of my favorite myths when I was a kid.