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Working on the title of chapter 3 and page 10. Just need a bit. Hope you like this one, meanwhile.

Right now I am looking for a more professional look to give to the manga
00nothingat: Yeah, all of them and some made up.

FlareD: Sorta.
So Long
After DP ended I really felt sad since Dawn was gone so I think this old pic would be a nice way to say friends stay together forever, even appart.
To 00nothingat: In USA it still ongoing but in japan the last episode aired yesterday. Everyone leaves and Ash moves to the next region on his own this time.

To FlareD: Dawn will face the writters recycle. She left the team to introduce the new girl. Also from what I know in Best Wishes there aren't contests, so having Dawn there would weird. At the most she will have a short appearance like May in DP or a cameo, like watching Ash battles on a TV.

To ???????: Yeah, Mia and Ash want to kill each other.
Keeping up
Love black to express extreme rage or fear! Well today DP ended. I feel a bit sad, I am really going to miss Brock and especially Dawn.

To gijinka: Hehe, thanks. It really makes me feel more excited to go on. Drawing is not my strongest part but story writting is something I can do.

To Unknow: Don't want to spoil more, but yeah, the eye color change from brown to gold is a major plot point. Or rather a symbol of one.

To ???????: Ash hit puberty? It won't happen ever, dude...

To FlareD: Thanks. I am also looking forward to see best wishes.

To Atomic dragon: It has a YuGiOh style on it. That series really influenced my style.
Sorry for the delays I am working on right now, but I will upload as soon as possible. Meanwhile I hope you enjoy this little one.
Falcon Punch
I already did the Falcon Punch one:
Going on
Now Kiara finally introduces herself. Originally the page was going to go to the situation Ash and Mia are right now, but it would have been too compressed in space so I extended the situation with these guys and in the next page...well you'll see.

I know Brock is more mature oriented...but wanted to make the Shoryuken joke.
Sorry it took so long
I'll try to update at least one page a week, not much happens but I'll be quicker.
Sorry for the delays
I am really sorry for not updating in so long, I got my PC formated and lost most progress and had to start over all chapter 3. I am deeply sorry but I am working on the comic right now. Please be a patient.

BTW if you have questions, suggesions, critiques or something you'd like to comment me please let me now. All advices or anything to improve is welcome.[u]
Newbie mistakes, I am a bit careless.
There they are
Weren't completely neglected.

I feel kinda bad for doing that to Dawn.
Sorry for the delay
Mia is not that friendly after all.

Yeah Paul has future appearances.
I love starry nights
Supposedly it was sunset when those two met so it's night already.

BTW thanks for the comments people!
Yeah lot of text, sorry this was going to be shorter but I couldn't do it.
Keeping up
I really had to work hard on the backgrounds but I like the result, especially the mountins.
And we begin!!!
Sorry for the abysmal delay but finally started the chapter 3. Thanks for waiting for my lazyness to pay.

Anyways this is just the first of many updates so stay tuned.

BTW enjoy one of the little bits of fanservice on the manga >=D. But seriously not more than this or some there, so don't worry.
Happy holidays everybody! I am pretty sorry for not updating but a lot of nonsense has happened, I broke my arm, my computer had to be formated, lost the scripts, blargh... Anyways, now I am back and working, no more lazyness and expect the new updates and chapter 3 soon. Take care!


I know what you mean, I need to work a lot of stuff like my inking and the backgrounds (been seeing older pages and some backgrounds are a joke, I didn't even try to make straight lines) But then again, with practice comes progress.
Thanks for following me guys! I know this may not be the best manga around and that there are plenty of others much better there, but I am giving my best in this and I am proud of it. I hope you continue to read the story and enjoy it. Because I really love doing this for you!
Is over
At last chapter 2 is finished. It feels great, and now onto chapter 3.

Well, many may wonder why Pikachu had so much spotlight in Chap2. Well something that really ticks me off is how he is threated in the anime; throgout the series the humans always claim that Pokemon are intelligent, special and stuff, but the pokes never are more than pets in the end, we never know what they are thinking or how they feel unless a human says it. That's why I decided to give Pikachu a personality and show what he thinks and feels directly from himself, making him more than a pet.

Now this is the last chapter of mysterious stuff and mostly dialogues, next chapter will have the very first battle of the manga, the tournament finals (woot!). And a bit of more action, finally switching the central role to Ash.

Well that's about it. And remember comments and criticism are always welcome!