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so happy you are still working on this \0/ *hugsyou* i love your characters so much .//////. <333
Yeah for semi-regular updates??? =DDDD I missed this comic so much <333 Thank you very much for updating ^o^//

Btw, Happy Holidays to youuuuu ~~~~ XD
go go go fightooo~!!

i know the feels -beentheredonethat-
i stopped and it definitely didn't feel right x___x it took me about 4-6 months before i decided what i needed to do ^^ it takes time. don't rush it or force it or else you will probably not like it ;_; </33

good luck~~ we are rooting for you ^^
you have the hawtest comic on the internet =7= /////
yay for an update!!

you drew this page so lovely *o* nice and clean~~~ <3
i like where this is going~~
Poor Paytonnnn lol
She's such a tank though :O!
yay for [regular?] updates =DDDDD
excited to see how this ends haha <3
Love to see you updating again ;w; THIS COMIC IS BEAUTIFUL
I love your lead up <33
And your toning is alskdfjsdkf gorgeous hun~<33
she's aliiiiiiiive. <3
Interesting comic. +fav~

Very interested to see where this comic is going~~
FSFDGFSGD <33333333333333

Have fun on your vacation bb :D <3
Excited to see where this is going *3* <333 -stupid- I HAVE NO CLUE TO TELL YOU THE TRUTH </3 haha
gratuitous picture of yourself (GPOY)
it's kind of a like mfw haha ;;;;;;;

glad to see so many updates!! you were on hiatus for so long -sadface- but omgggg i'll draw fanart soon <- if i wasn't so darn lazy gdi haha

also inb4 is like a 'call it'
it's a 4chan thing haha
omg payton is so moe ;3;
i didn't realize you had a comic ;;

XD <3
Oh god high schoolers and their prom wtf.

Btw, inb4 Jock and Sanders go to prom together HAHA
/just realized i didn't comment on the last comic ;n; -slapself-

Yay you actually updated like you said you would like, totally do imhappyplz.jpg

I love such sarcastic, apathetic characters º3º -coughmycomiccough- I'd love to draw a crossover between our character ºwº -SHOT-