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Photography major at DePauw University. But... I dream to have my comics published and sitting on shelves at Borders and Barnes and Nobles.


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omg this is too hilarious
I tried coloring a page with markers. Not the most awesome with color combos and the whole thing got a little messed up, but I don't mind. That's what's fun about trying stuff out~ 8D
'nother lazy page because I am lazy and I like doing it this way, and because I've been watching the olympics. <3 phelps. 8D
Ches being bitter.

I am back from vacation and hopefully, have enough motivation to get out some more comics before I start schoolin (i start the 27th).

Lazy comic day, no special effects-just pencil and pen. 8D
See? He's obsessed with the game. 8D

I've been happy to have so many of these pages done this week. I'll have one more tomorrow, but then I'm going on Vacation for a week and so, nothing will be up. I figure this makes up for that. Then, I only have two weeks till school starts when I get back. Hopefully I can get a bunch of pages drawn over vacay so I can work on em when I get back. 8D Hurrah!
XDD omg that's awesome. <3
* Canvas Creatures is the play on Pokemon in this comic "world". It's silly, really, but it will come up often enough. 8D

Also, can you tell what kind of cell phone I own? heh. I don't make it TOO obvious XD
Eee! Thank you!! 8D
Cheesy like a Disney Movie
Lance is too cute to be legal. He looks up to his brother almost too much. XD

Enjoy his sickeningly cute and cheesy lines, they will appear often.
Wow. that was my lame attempt at showing time elapsing without dialogue. >__> I know. it's pretty bad.

Anywho. Keith leaves, without his friends, and Lance comes to see if his brother is A-OKAY. 8D
Aahhahaha. Worst handshake EVAR.

Also, Ches' dark form in the last panel is shaking in frustration, if that is too hard to get by the lame way I portrayed it.
I am having so many issues with the stupid rating thing. I've been trying to get it fixed, and NOTHING is working. :< I've gone back to the template and everything. AUGH.
i LOVE the expressions in the last panel. to. die. for. XD
Not much to say about this...

I've been working on another comic recently that I've been thinking about putting up after i've gotten more stable with this one. I'm mostly coming up with characters and their back stories. FUN TIMES.
Yeah, Ches just figured out how much shit he's gotten himself into.

You may ask, why would he get in trouble for having a job as a waiter, and what seems like, a bit of a shmoozer (wow... is that a word?)? Well.... the world of comics commands it sometimes. Plus, working at a strip club, as he does, is not really something you may want to advertise if you are going to a well well-known and good college.

So there. Blackmail. 8D
Yes, Ches is short for Cheshire. Cheshire Whitts to be exact. 8D

And the fun begins~
haha I love your style and the different colors of each page! It's really great! 8D

Also, I SOOO want that bee shirt. like NOW.
Oh noes!
Since tomorrow I'm gonna get some extra free time~ I think I'll work on the lovely layout of this page so it doesn't look like a crappy cookie cutter comic page. 8D

Keith strikes! I'm trying to make this a mostly MWF comic this summer, but i've been feeling really motivated, so I may get more than that out. Dunno yet.
Happy fourth of July!

Computer coloring for fuuuun with blocky colors. Ches is the one with the glasses and Lance is the one without. It's a bit early to be able to tell or anything, especially since the main story has both of them without glasses so far.