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.....a person... with a face..with a nose, two eyes, and a mouth, and hair O: amazing isn't it?
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June 20th, 2014
@Realdandy: He really does have a lot of charm! I also like how you added classical music to the pages.. It really suits the comic.
June 18th, 2014
@Realdandy: Oh goodness, that's actually a tough decision.. Bayou has this very badass/mysterious vibe about him.. But Felix.. I really like Felix haha.
June 18th, 2014
I absolutely love this webcomic.. <3
Whoops. Dropped my bag, oh yeah, you're there too.
O_o Why is Hirn so freaking big. . .

I suppose it's late, but happy birthday o3o
Bah! This comic gets me too excited!
;^; Curse you Holy, curse you.
=3= I love <3
;^; But I wanna read mooore.
And that is why I don't go into forests on Pokemon anymore o3o
<.< Oh so magically he will win... oh so magically.. damn it's been a while since i've commented on here lol.
Atty = Fuck fuck fuck T_T i look like a looser Dx Fuuuuuuck.

lol xD
March 14th, 2010
O: WHOS THAT POKEMON?!?! I mean.. person
<.< Dragonthing. You shall follow atty o3o and you shall use tackle on his head and knock him out >D and charmanders will rule bwahahaha ._. idk what im talkin about lawlz.
LAWLZ great page xD! Poor dragon thing is confused o.o
L-A-W-L-Z Isnt that the Rattata from the beginning of the comic xDD lmfao! Great just great!
._. watch oak be standing there
lulz charmander = ":D yay atty pick me u-... aw.. T_T" xDDD lulz fail. and the annoying lawnmower guy. total Win.
Last panel = adorable
lulz. I'd rape him =3= still xD