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A graphic designer specializing in 3D and flash, specifically low-poly (ingame) 3D and semi-static flash 6.0. I coach track, work at a theatre, and administrate the fan fiction gallery at
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December 20th, 2006
Loving the cat design, very "why me" ish.

You misspelled volunteer, by the way.
Did he call Vine 4-eyes or something :)

That sounds like yet another memorable character. I love the frozen posture Cindi has, it very much conveys what she's up to.
Mods and Movies
As a modder, yes, they can dramatically hurt performance (a poorly written set of code can actually break functions you thought were unrelated, or alter certain behaviours that you didn't touch). But as a whole modding is a very productive and enlightening expirience, for both the maker and reciever.

About Advent Children- I didn't pay nearly enough attention when I ran through FFVII, so to me the movie made very very little sense. I kinda got it, but... when I left the movie I had a long discussion with my coworkers at my theatre, which mostly consisted of "WTF?"

I agree that the movie could have been longer and better spaced out, with more filling in between fights to help it make sense. The characters didn't have much of a chance to show their depth at all.
try switching from RGB color to indexed. usually, even with picture-based content, indexed color can pull itself off just as well as millions of colors.
As a threatre employee...
Every person that asks about Da Vinci gets the same response from me and my fellow movie attendants:
"Watch it like any other film. Don't try and find redemption in it, or you may develop a twitch."

Really, Tom Hanks did some pretty crappy acting in Da Vinci, I was surprised.
The sharpness on your outlines is so strong that it kind of accents the fact that we're looking at a digital image- you make want to smooth the edges a bit so that they don't pixelate out from the canvas.

Alternatively, it's very easy to add in a gradient background, or even a real bg (though I would be too lazy to do that.)
Friendly menacing comment
Peter is undoubtably my favorite webcomic character to date, even including Zeke from CtrlAltDel and Largo from Megatokyo. I'm amazed at how awesome he is.
looks good.
fathers can be like that. the old (free) version of Age of Empires did that to my dad.
Lady Gamers
Pshaw. My lady friend is a gamer, (in fact, all the ladies that I have drawn so far have been gamers), even my sister is a gamer of sorts.

I think this shirt sums up the matter pretty well:
I should probably attend anime conventions if that's the kind of discussions they're having :)

besides, it goes (IMHO):
tMC - 4S - HA - OoT - MM - Oracles - WW - aLttP - LA - LoZ - AoL
All you need now is a bellowing Balrog-y sound. Is there a reason why I'm strongly reminded of King Kong? I suppose it's the shape of the mouth.
Photoshop = $$
I would suggest downloading and using the GIMP ( ) rather than trying to buy Photoshop, on a purely money driven basis. GIMP isvery good, almost the same level as Photoshop, and is free for commercial and private use. If you're used to Photoshop, you could try GIMPShop, which emulates Photoshop using the GIMP code ( )

Two trash bags, not bad, not bad at all.
Not as funny as usual, but still amusing. Its interesting to see them in new clothes.