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I just finished getting through the archive. The comic made me tear up a little. But I had to search for the SJ profile to find the RSS feed, I didn't see it anywhere on this site.
Yeah! But not really, it's based on a misheard lyric. That's probably what you meant, I just wanted to clarify.
Finally another comic! This comic is based on various interview videos:

Video where Jason talks about stealing the Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile
Video where they talk about the Ishkabibble tour bus (very end)

And can anyone guess what the line "We may have lost our weiner" is a reference to?
Actually Jason Wade is my favorite member. I am a big fan of him. I make fun of him because I love him.
Thanks! I actually did make one relating to that a while ago - it was called Bryce's Mishap or something.
Thank you guys! I'll do my best without being overbearing.
A sequel to comic 77

After I posted that first comic, Jason went on a Twitter binge for a couple of weeks in the fall, posting Chuck Norris jokes like crazy. Then he suddenly stopped and we haven't heard from him since then. At least not on Twitter. I've seen him, he's still alive.

Also Molly posted an awesome story that relates to this as part of the fan fiction contest (still going on, btw).
HAHAHA! LOL at your comment, Skrappy!
Jason isn't actually this thoughtless. But he does do a request session during concerts, and he often says stuff like, "this one is for the pretty girl."
Sorry. When I made this comic, the videos were public, but they must have hidden them since then. I don't know how to see them now. It's a shame. I don't know why Lifehouse did that.
This comic was made originally for Minka's advent calendar.

Lifehouse's MySpace page (can you find the Rick pumpkin?)

If any members of Lifehouse happen to be reading this, you might want to visit this page. Happpy holidays! :)
Thanks! You can't it's inevitable. Haha
I did give Lifehouse a comic book of these comics. I was just talking to Skrappy on Twitter about why I only made one copy for them.
I just talked to Bryce the other day about how I'm running out of video blogs, and he said he'd make more if they'd let him. I don't know what exactly he meant by that, but this is how I interpreted it. He also said I should make a comic about it. So here you are, Bryce.

Jason's been talking about the Shake Weight a lot lately, and how creepy it is, but I think he secretly wants one.

Tags: The Vlog Strike
Another one about vocal warm-ups - also a subtle reference to the All In video.

Today's comic has two special guests in it. These are real live Lifehouse fans, the winners of the cake contest, Breann and Skrappy!

By the way, you might notice that this happens to be my 100th comic. Woohoo!

Tags: Vocal Warm-Ups
Full size photo

Congratulations to Breann for winning the Lifehouse cake contest! As soon as I saw her cake, I knew it would steal the votes. This is one of the most amazing Lifehouse creations I've ever seen - it's creative, meaningful, clever, and perfectly made. A well-deserved win indeed.

Here is Breann's description of what the cake means:
"This represents Lifehouse (as the wrecking ball) breaking through someone's "wall" with their music. The bricks that are falling away have words written on them that describe what a person might have been feeling before Lifehouse made them more...themselves. They break through this wall, revealing the sky and sun on the other side. They aren't in the darkness or shadow of the wall anymore. :-)"

Oh, stay tuned for updates on the second place winner. Entries are still being collected. Check the contest page.
This is kind of an obscure reference, but Bryce's old band, T.E.A., had a song called TwentySixx, and one of the lyrics is "I'll microvave anything anytime." I thought it would be amusing if Bryce just said that line randomly at some point.

Tags: Nicknames