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I would buy it! :D

I would suggest finding out how to lock the pdf so that the images can't be extracted.
A purchase I made before had pages like that, I couldn't save them separately to my desktop at all!

Try looking up pdf picture locking methods is what it boils down to in the end, haha.
@Kakedahanameiko: You're not the only one... You're not the only one...
Why am I not surprised? XD That's the first thing I thought when this chapter began. I saw him peeping through that hole on the cover hahahaah
Aaahhhhh<3 I can't wait for this! And- Is that a glory hole I see???
Bwah, I'm worrieeddd. And excited cc:

Good luck on mid terms!
Sorry it took so long to update, one fan that I have! :<
School and all that... Hopefully the update schedule will be better this time around!

Also, unburnt toast on this page XD
Look at all of that dialogue!
Recurring dreams are the worst...
....All those hearts... XD

How in the heck did he fall? It looks like he did it on purpose XD Probably did :3
XDD Why are little masochistic boys so precious in comics but not in real life? XDD
"U THINK IT HUWT?!" I can practically hear him panting XD

Poor mom, scarred for life. He's just like this father... X3
His face... XDD
"Congratz it's a penis!" XDDD
This is going to be fun to read >:9
Wendy: Whaaa? But I thought you would love me for being a total psycho bitch! I mean, I got rid of that one teacher so long ago and you didn't seem to care...

XD Yeah, Stan! Don't be a female cat for once! And yay, more updates!
Fue--♥ My stomach actually clenched when England took in France's thumb♥!

Ah, he may be a prick, but even stuck up pricks need to have sex, right~♥?
England seems to be entranced by France's act of passion~♥
Awww~ Protective Alfred...

France, you suck as a dad XD
The smile on the bottom panel is what did me in XD

Little smiles like that tell us that he's nervously enjoying this WAY too much more than he should be XD Which is not at all since they're brothers <3
I was wrong XD
But my GOSH... That's just mortifying seeing your own release on a piece of lettuce and a child pointing out which was yours and which was your butt buddy's XDDD
Hmmm... I wonder... Did he open his shirt to...? >3