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crazy ppl say waaahh, ghost!?
I whole heartedly agree with She-Demon.
hot damn!! i think that puts me in aggreeance with everyone. that last panel....he is soooo whats teh word, smouldering
aww hes concerned. dammit i need to find a man like that, looks, evilness n all, the expressions are nicely defined here
i think everyone has a weakness fo rthe freaky guy i knw i do xP
wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo omfg omfg, i love the comic! she should be happy, he was well in teh bath with her
oh my gawwwd, :O i hope its crow guy
ooooohhhh omg
i still dont knw why everyone thinks he is so bad to be evil, its damn well hot.
damn well hilarious, but seriously, girls, would you be bothered if he did that. it is him after all...
im not surpriseeed
im happy now hehe
the clothes! THE CLOTHES. hoooot
I've just started reading this today, im hooooked. and i love the crow/bird/hot sinister dude. Your drawings are amazing, very original