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Uh...I like...Anime/manga/cartoons/comics, drawing, video games, music (Rufus Wainwright/Michael Jackson), romantic crap, Poke'mon, tea, my immediate family, my friends, and swearing like a sailor.

I dislike just about everything else.

I'm also the laziest human being ever.

~~Places you can go to find my other artwork:

( ) -BBH.DA
( ) -Y!BBH !Contains some PG 18 images!
( ) -Fur Affinity !Contains some PG 18 images!
Not a comic page but I hope it'll entertain you nonetheless!
Like Tiffany and Tabitha only BETTER
Haha not yet! Although I see where you got that idea, considering I didn't update for like...a year.
Who wouldn't be?!
News Flash: Bo loves boobies.
Aaahh Tit and her titular tits~~
She treats everybody in the bar (except her sister and her boss) like her kids. She's such a mommy.
All the noise noise noiseeee

I'm really surprised you guys knew it was the same kids! That chapter was like FOREVER AGO.
Time to play "Guess How Bo Knows These Kids"!

Behold: my only twin characters. Which is weird since I have a twin of my own, so you think I'd have a medley of twin characters.

'Cept these guys are fraternal and my sister and I are identical. ~Random information about BBH~
Last page for today.
The only reason I did these pages is cuz I was reading manga all week haha!
But now I must return to my commissions. Weeahh.
Koen and Silvain finally make their appearance. You may have seen these guys floating around in my Y!gallery, or maybe you haven't. I dunno.
I'm not very good at drawing buildings and junk like that, so I hope you can understand how this scene works haha.
Hi everybody!


I keep spelling "haven't" wrong. Fuck meeee.
I have one page done, and working on the next one. But I won't post them till tomorrow cuz I'm too lazy to scan them right now. Wahaha.

Chapter Ten. Also known as: The chapter with a thousand new characters.
There was a shortage of Ike in the comic thus far so I had to fix that somehow.
Yep! I noticed that and laughed really hard.
Also the apples in the last panel look like they're dancing.
Goddammit I love this cuz that washcloth looks like a burrito.
Ok this is the last page I made tonight haha! I'm burnt out.
And so ends chapter 9! On to chapter 10!

I was inspired today to draw some Rebel Price pages. I can't guarantee I'm back for good, but I'd like to make an attempt to update a little more often.

I want to thank you all for looking forward to new pages and urging me to update. You guys are the best.
Drunks are ridiculous.
I'm glad you like it! ;w; I have two more pages to update tonight, too. Haha!