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Thanks to Lance
A special thanks goes out to Lance today. He volounteered to fill in at the last minute because I'm sick.

I spent yesterday morning in urgent care because I had this horrible pain in my entire mouth and throat. Ends up I have thrush, which is basically a rash on the roof of my mouth and throat.

Now that I've officially grossed you all out, enjoy todays guest strip and (hopefully) we'll return to our regularly scheduled strips next week.
Thanks, Dyvim
Okay, so I've missed two updates and I'll be missing a third (getting my wisdom teeth pulled). A special thanks to my good friend Dyvim for writing a touching haiku (Spelling?) based on one of our earlier comics.
We're really sorry that we've missed the past two weeks.. I've been out of town the entire time (honest). I'd put one up this coming monday, but I'm having teeth pulled (ick) so we'll be getting back on schedule ASAP after that.
By Grace
This is another random update from Grace. I think she did this about a year ago.
Haha, yes
Yeah, Penny Arcade inspired me to do E3 sketches. But they don't seem to be doing them this year. :( Oh well.