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Here be a yaoi fan. And a yuri fan too. Het isn't bad either. Actually, it's rather difficult finding types of romance I don't appreciate.

It's much more easy to find non-romance things I don't like. Mostly, I don't like anything, but there are a few exceptions.
I do not consider myself a friendly person... mostly because I'm shy. I'll always try to be as nice as possible though. Know that every comments are read and appreciated, but that I often feel stupid whenever I answer them, which mean I will not always answer.

My age and gender shall remain secret for the moment... If you are interested by personal details, I'm French, I study English at University, I'm single and happy to be so.:D
this week has a double update, so please don't forget to also check page 49! ;)
@Chabus: Ash is trans ;)
picture me crossing my fingers that I counted those bongs right :D
there's now a wallpaper available for patrons, which will be a monthly feature (on top of getting to see new pages early)
<img src=" e_pa01c3EvT61qflxcd_540.jpg" alt="image" data-orig-width="684" data-orig-height="460"></figure>
hey, I know I'm mostly silent usually, but I want to thank everyone who reads this comic, and even more those who have commented. It's really encouraging me to keep drawing :)
@ThatRandomGal: that's her! All the stories are connected, some losely, some more closely ;)
@cornchipwarrior: don't know what had happened, but it's corrected now, thanks a lot! :)
I have just devoured this entire comic this afternoon, and loved every moment of it!
October 9th, 2011
han naaaaaaaaan! mais c'est pas assez, on en veut plussssss!
due to various problems, including the sudden and almost accidental destruction of several pages, AE will no longer be updated. I am sorry to have it end so soon, but I think it is for the best.
I hope you won't hold it against me and will follow my next comic when I start it!

This week's vote incentive is me making fun of Blaen.
not the most interesting page ever, I know v_v;
August 8th, 2011
I'm impressed that Helvetica's hair manage to be even more messy when she's surprised. I wouldn't have think that possible...XD
@Plumy: ehh, désolé pour l'anglais^^; mais c'est plus simple pour les bd d'écrire en anglais, les phrases sont souvent plus courtes :D
sinon, je pars sur une histoire longue (je dirai 10-15-20 chapitres selon comment je vais gérer ça)(masochisme quand tu nous tient) et ouip, maj tous les dimanches si j'oublie pas :)
merci, du courage j'en aurai besoin...XD
@kineko: de quoa, du français? quelle horreur!:P je ne saurai tolérer ça!:P
(et au passage je constate que Gameuz est sur smackjeeves aussi, donc +fav !:3)
for the first update, two pages seemed a nice idea.
Plus page 1 is sort of boring.
So tadaaam!:) See you next week now!^^

Also, it would be lovely if you could vote for Ailleurs Ensemble!:D You'll get to see a wip of the cover. Because I didn't really have any idea. But if you want to see sketches or anything, tell me and I'll try to make fun incentives!:)
Welcome to "Ailleurs Ensemble".
Which, despite its terribly foreign title, will be in English.
Updates should be every Sundays, always at least one page (there may be more later if I have enough buffer or if I just feel like it)

l'état de Jack est un mystère total, même pour moi. Je dirai qu'il est mort, mais à cause de son statut particulier d'Unspoken, je ne sais pas si sa mort est définitive (comme elle le serait pour un ange ou un démon)ou s'il a comme les humains une âme qui a droit à une seconde existence.
@Lweeling: cette dernière page, c'est une grosse attaque de "si j'ai le courage de rebosser sur ça vous verrez bien"...^^;
August 5th, 2011
just putting this here so that newcomers don't get accidentally spoiled ;)