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Tee hee hee... I find myself as a person with humor. ;DD I love hanging out with my friends, chatting with them and stuff. xD
I listen to music all the time no matter where I are. XD I mainly listen to Linkin Park but there are other bands like Limp Bizkit, Fall Out Boy, Rancid, My Chemical Romance and more. =D
I love drawing manga and other drawings. :3 At first I sucked at it, but I practiced a lot and I'm still improving. *----* Hope ya like my comics! *^ ^*
I'm hoping to become friends here at Smack Jeeves with other mangakas. Wish me luck! OwO
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I love the 2nd and the 3rd panels! xD
Captured? Ha! XDD
Jeanne's all serious now... =_=" Creepy. XD
Mwahahaha~! Kiss thieve! XDDD
Sank yuu, Fynn-chan~! <3 <3
Tee hee hee... *w*
Now this kiss turned out just great! *o* Love the page! <3
Uh-oh... Jeanne seems really hyper. xDD
The page looks cute to me. Dunno why. :D
And this page was the first page where I started to use the B size marker. =D Heh heh... I think it looks good. *^ ^*
Bwahahaha~! Yes, she knows who you are! XDD
YEAH! C'mon, Dark! Call out your wings! XD
What the hell is wrong that Jeanne's smile? XDDD OMG... xDD
Oooh... Angry Jeanne. xD lol
Btw, Jeanne is calling her wings in japanese as well. Shiroi Tsubasao - White wings. :]
Crazy marker, that's all I have to say. XD
Here's the funny thing that happened here. ^^; My 0.3 marker... died. XD So I just took a huge black marker I use to color stuf on A3 format pics. =D I was nuts! xD lol
I remember how much I was happy about this page. *v* But now I see that I really needed help with drawing hair. XD
Can't complain about this page. :] Except for one word balloon that's getting on my nerves. =_=" It looks like crap. XDD
I love how Daisuke looks in the last panel. XDD That's such a ROFL. :DDD