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What it looks like with the goggles thing on.
@Alexis_Royce: Bahaha, Lexi that is amazing.

@Aida: I'm glad!
@Alexis_Royce: I like this joke better.

Do you like to be funnier than me,eh? EH?

@JimLad: Yes, I will. Every 6 months I will change. I've gone from M to F to back to M to Tiger to Puppy to RobotManWomanTigerPuppy.
You guys are so lovely. :3

It has been a while. Some things never quite go away, no matter how far you walk away from them. The urge to draw and put my stupid thoughts in drawn form never quite seem to leave my system despite life pulling me in the opposite direction. I always feel regret, returning to this passion after long gaps, feeling I should have given it more attention along the way.

I can only really thank those who take the time to pay attention to something that I put effort into. Thank you. :3 Hope you all have been well.

Also, sorry if this joke as already been made. I haven't heard of it before and it made me laugh when I thought of it, but it's one of those things I get a gut feeling that someone else has done before too.
Here's the second comic! Thanks so much for making them for me Lexi. :3 I love this one so much, haha. And The Cool loves America so hard, it brings a tear to my eye. ; u;

Go check out Alexis's stuff here! She does great comics and consistently uploads her work.
About a month a go my friend and author of Evil Plan/Sire made me some guest happyface comics. Here's the first one!

I love it. This is exactly how my Christmas was, haha.
I can't do special effects very well. But it's fun!
Thanks so much to any of you who voted for me in the SJ awards! I really appreciate it.

And I'm sorry for another large gap in updates. Medical problems have been making things difficult, but I'll keep trying to update.
Update 1 of 2
Update 2 of 2

Recently I hit the mark for 1337 fans and I thought I'd make a comic to thank you guys for reading and sticking around.

And because I love to write fake nonsensical hacker talk. They do it all the time in movies and TV shows and I just can't get enough of it.
@wenkuan77, yay!

I have a little comic planned to post! Just gotta make it. :3
Oh My God, I d'aww'd so hard. They are all so cuuuuute.

Good to see you back!
Great job on the Alice face in the first panel! Also that dramatic outcry. :D

That Kinesis face in the last panel is just plain adorable.
Thanks so much for the happy birthday's and previous comments! They were super sweet and made me d'aww hard. Best birthday weekend in a long time thanks to you guys and some of my good friends.

Also, I wanted to show you guys a fanart that one of our smackjeeves very own made. It's drawn by BuizelKnight.
It's just adorable.

And then my friend drew this for me for my bday which I thought you guys might get a kick out of.
Buff Unicorn men in speedos. My favorite~

And finally to answer some questions on the previous page.

@Sorrows Neptune, Bobcheese posted the pic that explains it a few posts down from yours.
@NekoKira(and anyone curious about the cat), haha, well my intent with the cat was supposed to be that it stumbled upon the comic by walking on the keyboard as they often do, but I suppose there's a little bit of cat in all of us?
@Crewger, I use an intuos 4 that I got recently. I used to use a graphire 4 or an intuos 3 for many years before though.
This is getting really interesting! I often struggle to read through comics, but I found myself not stopping at all with this one. I can't wait for it to update! I must know more.

Keep up the good work!
Re-reading these comments is so nice. ; u; You guys are the best.

@Cris, that was super sweet of you. :3
So my birthday was this weekend and I wanted to do a fun little comic for you guys. I hope you enjoy!