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OH HELL YEEEEEEEESS... I finished, now I'm going to go and "die" in my bed cause I need sleep 8D...ENJOY..OR NOT..W/E 8U
Missed me? 8DD
HArdyharrharr... anyways I'm back, kinda the first page will be uploaded as soon as I'm finished with that one so until can stare at the chapter page...lul, or how bout...continuing reading other comics 8D or work on YOUR comic (:
Oh joy, finally! The last page of Lvl 02 |D; it might take a while until some updates sorry (NOT TOO LONG THOUGH |8 ) but I'm in a slump atm 8D; and I just got a few parts of Lvl 03 finished in my head.. now I need a beginning an an end, lol 8D; + a new sketchbook are...NOT cool by saying that..srsly you need to try harder |D; and Keita, how nice of you to diss Lar (: >

And still if you ever got a question about anything you are free to ask o3o And no, I will not answer on what you might get for dinner next week on tuesday, nor the rest of the days! 8V

Lol...I really need to change the background picture |D (or jsut keep it until next halloween if my comic lasts for that long)
Enjoy half-assed page and btw..haha DARN WINDOW 8'D

In the first panel....he's supposed to say "Ah that reminds me...who are you?" BUT...I had already drawn the sky...shiz when I started making the I though..oh so I had written something like a "but" on the last page or anything *no I didn't check lol*
But...yeah..I didn't care much then but it had apparently made me cut my own text to the "..." and "who are you?" sounds....very..very random 8D;; But I don't bother changing it.. it's way...*cough*

Haha, oh yess...please shoot me now...IT'S FINALLY DONE *dies..|8*
For some reason..I had to color everything but their skin :|

And for some reason he shrank in the 4th panel *it's the sink etc that I drew too high up..LIKE I CARE 8D....I do |: w/e 8)*
December 24th, 2008
No pages last week sorry :c I'll make at least ONE page today before I roll away to open presents a shiz 8)

So here...enjoy my "uncensored" art and the fact that both Keita and Milos look retarded :| mostly Keita..meh (btw with uncensored I mean that I didn't use any pencil sketch or eraser or w/e to make this shiz =A=)
haha yeah 8D you never know what might happen if you pass out ∑(oAo
Yesh! 8D
I'm trying my best to update, hurrhurrhurr. o3o
Haha I'm glad they made you laugh *success >8D*
December 11th, 2008
Haha I had to look up that word XD Schway that is.
Have fun...even though you already read it through by now 8D;
SEEE..I told ya I'd do it (8
Sadly..I wasn't able to watch any anime as I was going to 8DD ah well EVERYTHANG FOR YOU *cough* 8)

I shall stab you in your eyes with his "civil"clothes
Aaanddd..the crappiness continues 8D;
This age got kinda rushed..sorry :/ *therefore Keita looks nothing like all panels |D;* So I was going to spam you with another three pages..but there will only be two and the third will be done tomorrow hopefully o3o;;

Yey new character...and hell..I hate the first panel XD But I didn't bother...sorry 8D *same with the last*

BTW before I forget it a 1000nd time..thanks for 100+ fans o3o
and one more thing...end of page-spam ó3ò I will sketch up more page I promise! >8U
Lul he looks weird |: And the fire is still lame 8D;
Yey I suck at drawing fire :T

Most of it is to chrnoskitty, but also to the rest of you:

I'm really glad you do m(_ _)m
You comment really made me happy then *I was able to read it before I left* I really felt like smacking up a page at once then XD Too bad I couldn't back then, and I should just have re-read your comment again so maybe you could've got new pages faster *But I've had a lot to do like homework and working on getting my driver's license and I've come to a point where I'm doing neither of it all (pages included)* So I've got to kick myself into action, and I'm starting on pages and homework!

Sorry for the..uh..long post..thing :U
Oh joy, another crappy upload..but..atleast you got an update <3>...since I'm going away this weekend I won't be able to lineart anymore ya.. enjoy the crappiness

I do indeed see..that the grass is going through his bubble...but..I don't care..and yes that is grass :I
November 10th, 2008
Keita: Yeah, I hope so too D: and thanks
November 10th, 2008
Just something quick I threw together 8D;
And luuk...Happy Keita is happy

Anywaiz..Happy B Keita
Well..see..told ya..I'd make a page...

You get...FLAT...COLORS....cause I'm lazy like that =&#8710;=)/

And..finally...this*facedesk* zzzz...

Btw...not that I think you care but Keita's birthday is on monday |D;
November 3rd, 2008
Oh mai, thanks o3o