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The Zen Man
I make sprite comics because I think I'm funny, and I feel an urge to share my 'humor' with people.
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    Zenitus Prime,Soul Eater
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The whole comic is ugly, but this one especially so.
Repeat after me: arms are for pointing, not rejoicing.
That's the first and last time you'll see that alien guy.
To insult my favorite bands is to insult my honor.
That's the Red Skull in front of the wrestler guy.
It's my id and my ego having a conversation! What's not to love.
Seriously. I browse in F.Y.E. for hours and never buy anything.
This can't be good.
He has an extensive knowledge of the arcane in addition to a Superman Complex.
The BFG does fire missiles, and those missile do contain napalm.
I don't really have anything to say right now.
Two one-liners in one comic!
'Jezz' isn't a typo.
The Road Warrior was best.
Both of my kidneys work fine. I wouldn't mind an extra, though.
This is the only time you'll see a Mega-Man sprite in this series.
A relative of mine has a 'Don't Taze Me Bro' ringtone.
Bonus points to anyone who gets the 'Duke is number one' reference! Actually, bonus points to anyone who comments.
You can hardly blame him. That badge gives one a sense of power.
Actually, my friend told me that story about the shoe polish and soap guy! He might have dreamt it.