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I have a feeling your tricking us and she's actually going to suck and that's why everyone is like O_O
But... I can't resist saying this...
That must of been one SEXY burglar.
Oh god. xD I hate myself.
In this first pannel she says bout... But I think it was supposed to be but.
Don't you mean thats? And awesome comic!
Ohhhh looks very cool!
Lol it's always the transfer students.
Hehe characters with little logic are fun. ^^
Yeah.... "caring"...
I love the beads!
I think this page is nice looking.
Yeah too many new characters. (headache) xP
swimsuits? oh you mean at the beach! (had a stupid moment)
So many characters I'm already starting to forget names. xD
lol @ the blob people who are freaking out. i would too. :p
I'm guessing its the king and queen too. xD
I like this special chp!
Yahy random bucket! :p
I hate when that happens and you feel like a total dork. =[
Purple hair is awesome!!! :DDD
Staying in a comic a long time is good! And this comic is so addictive. @.@