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Well, I like to draw a lot, people say I'm pretty good. I am nowhere near as good as I'd like to be but hey, I think all artists think their stuff isn't as good as they want it to be haha.

I love to listen to music too, as I draw usually... anime, love anime, as you can tell by my works heh.
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Thus the "crossbreed" reference.
He is part Demon, Vamp, and Elf... not "one half"

Joey just doesn't know how to type.
But his penis is pretty mythical.
Been a while
Sorry for the delay all!
I forced my pad to work a little longer... had to do a lot by mouse... :(
So here it is.

New comic coming soon I hope.
I am hoping soon... evil evil EVIL technology.
I am at its mercy...
And so...
I bought the new LP CD, despite my better judgement after hearing most of the songs on Sirius Satellite....
I am not as impressed, sad to say.

I love LP, and I prolly always will... but this CD is not going in my "play this a lot on your iPod" list.

I do like that they felt they should just do the songs how they liked rather than spend hours thinking "what is our sound" (they talked about that on Sirius,) but still...

I am used to Chester's voice just ripping into me as he sings, coming out of nowhere after Mike lays down lyric after lyric with the heavy heart-pounding beats they know how to do.

This seemed softer, and even tho Chester is still all screamy, I feel like they turned his mic down, heh.
And Mike, he's in like... 2 maybe 3 songs.
And it's all rock, I didn't really hear any of the cool synthesising they're known for.

Lexx and I thought up this comic while listening to the new CD, hehe.

thx Wikipedia for the nice big album covers to work with :D
This is why me and my friend Alan can't stop laughing when we talk to each other.
We think of crazy stuff...
So, frame 6 is an actual sketch Kita did for the comic, :]
If you don't get what's going on... it's explained a bit better next comic.
censorship haha
New comic! Yay!!
As for the girl in the pink hoodie, she's a cameo of sorts. I like to draw my friends whe I can, that's my friend Alice, aka Cracky in the comic :]

I really like this one, Kat is so awesome ^^
Oh those are good.
The new album is called "Five score and seven years ago"
Those songs are off their previous album Mhmm and their "Apathetic" EP that they put out afterwards.
I love them :]
What songs did you get?
Hehehe, Joey's first stick figure comic!
This is why it's so much fun to listen to us talk on MSN.
Byte Size 01
So here ws a quicky comic I did for Easter.
Joey and I were talking about it... and this is what came up haha.

Enjoy ^^
Comic 04
soooo much shading...
Okay, next one is up, can I go to bed now?
-Looks at K-chan and Cat with puppy dog eyes-
I still say you need to hear he new CD K-chan
My fave band
Yea so Relient K is my FAVORITE band ^^
I am so proud of their new CD it sounds so good!

So I had to doodle a picture as I listened to it... now I go to play WoW for a bit :]
If you count the words Trek speaks, they don't go over 15 words until the 2nd to the last frame.
So I put 15 lol

NOTE: That statement isn't going to be reoccuring, Lexx does pay attention more often then not lol
Oh, I so officially love you!
Very nice.
Your banner reminds me of FFXII for some reason, heh.
Okay, I read all of it to this point and you have me hooked.
Ah, yes I see that now.
Without the -Fump!- there it was more obvious... but the lettering hides the edge of the "cloud" so it throws it off, thanks for noticing that :]
Hehe, the most fun I had with this comic?
scribbling it all Howl's moving castle style in the bathroom :]

Poor Kita, she just can't take Kat's randomness :P