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I'm of medium height, black hair, black eyes, mocha-colored skin, Filipino-Chinese, glasses...

...Interests? Well, animé, for one (it's a big part of my life), computers, books, cats, I could go on...

...Where hobbies are concerned, reading, writing and animé are my top three (see what I mean?). I love to write...
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Everyone cheers Happy New Year, Kara and Peter kiss, and Michelle gets jealous when she looks at Kara and Peter?
...Wow. That was uncalled for, and it deserves an "Oh, no, he di'n't!" followed by a z-snap.
She's jealous, if not a wee bit overprotective, if you ask me. Recall she drunkenly admitted that she would so jump Peter's bones if she had the chance, and she was pretty much by his side throughout his whole detached episode. She may be with Christo, but I have a feeling that her heart is really set on Peter.
I agree with Adrian: It all comes down to what *you* want to do. The storyline brought me to this comic, and both the story and the art kept me here. If you were to have more adult-oriented PoY material on another website, I would look into it.
There could be worse pickup lines, like: "Does this smell like chloroform to you?"
So the truth is out. I had a feeling ever since the whole Devon incident that Michelle harbored some feelings for Peter. I actually thought that she would have said something while he was in his "My God, I'm a monster" haze. I wonder if Christo is going to take this comment to heart or not, considering she is pretty plastered.
Can't vote on Tuesday for some reason. Thought I could get a new BG...

Comic-wise, though, Peter's face is priceless.
I think I'm just echoing all the comments when I say that I've been waiting a long time for this. I agree with everyone that Devon deserves to get his ass royally owned, but I don't think that even if Slugger could hear us, that he'd be able to 'hear' us. Right now, he's seeing red, and woe to anyone and anything in his way, including the door.

And I agree with NicoleW. If there was a print of that comic, or even the last panel, I'd buy one to hang on my wall.
The page just hit me like a truck. Holy crap!

...Then I read the comments and started seeing the shades of gray. That someone mentioned that Michelle called for Peter before Christo really got me wondering.

I am now armed with a bokuto. All I need now is a torch and a pitchfork and I'm all set.
I bet that Michelle secretly has a crush on Slugger. That's the secret she's hiding! It has to be! XD

...And where did the whole thing with Melanie come from?
Can't get enough of the ol' drunky prof, huh? That, or Introduction to Logic. I loved that class...well, what I saw of it, anyway.

Great job, as always, guys. Keep it up!
The whole page is great, but I'm with Mr. Twist in that panel 4 has a special place for me.

Awesome job, guys! Keep it up!
Congratulations on finishing Book Two, Mr. Twist. Your hiatus is well-deserved, and I look forward to June, when the comic is slated to return.

Please let us know when Book Two will be able to be ordered in print. I can't wait to order it!
Anyone notice how Peter has kept the exact same baffled expression throughout his interaction with Prof. Lipton (nothing against the art)? I suppose I probably would if I had a teacher like that. He's a real screwball, that one.

And yes, neck-rolls = awesome.
The man is a drunken genius in his own right. And Peter looks like he's about to crap himself. LOL

Great job, as always, Mr. Twist. Keep up the great work!
Weird. Lipton's probably smashed right now.
@Idene: You forgot the black cape with the red underside. XD
Congrats! This comic is amazing! Keep up the excellent work!
Great comic, you guys. I can only wonder why Tim doesn't look too pleased.
POY Virgin finally speaking up...
First-time reader and first-time commenter. Read through the entire archive (took me the better part of a week).

...Wow. Awesome work. It looks familiar, like I might have seen it in some zine or something. The art is amazing, your expressions are lifelike and the character development is stellar.

I'm wondering if you have book one in print or if you are planning to have them in print in the near future. I'd definitely buy more than one copy and give one to a friend.

On the current page, though, I can't help but feel a little bit sorry for her and feel just the teensiest bit smug. I mean, yeah, Devon's bad news, but Patrick warned (albeit laced with his own cynicism). Things can only go further from here, whether bad or good, only time will tell.

EDIT: I'm a dope and didn't see the link underneath the comic. Sorry.