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Back in his day, Ezekiel was feared as the Strength of God, a mighty warrior in the Host of Heaven. You can kinda tell, huh. Imi's not joking, he really was kind of an arrogant prig sometimes. But he kinda earned it, so.

Fallen will return with the thrilling adventures of Tristan Getting Curb Stomped, so stay tuned. Should be fun.
Doompede? More like BOOMpede now.

Well, goodbye, you hideous creepy-crawly. You shall be...well, not missed really all that much. Imi ended up hating you, and I never liked centipedes. So, really, good show on that one, Mysterious Bespectacled Lad.

See you next time, folks, for the thrilling conclusion.
Weighing in on the sword conundrum.

Far as I figure, it's a little of both of the above, helped along that it's HIS creation. So if some random Joe tried to pick up Tristan's sword, they'd find it a lot harder than he would. It's not quite as heavy as a sword of its size should be, but it's not exactly feather-light, either.

Also, lolTristan. You sparkly, sunny little spaz. Pretty sure this is the first time Zeke is named in-comic, too. Celebration.

EDIT: Never mind, just informed he was named before. Go my memory.
You know, I really don't comment here enough. I should do that more often. Give an author's perspective or...something.

CHAPTER THREE BEGINS. It's, uh, pretty shiny. More action to look forward to, not far off. That guy from last chapter, though, the snappy dresser? Yeah. That'll be a ways off.

Fun fact: The demon from the first chapter is named Labezerin. His power is said to be bringing success to ventures. We all saw how good he is at his job, of course.

Ezekiel, on the other hand, is not an actual angel. The name does mean, though, God will Strengthen, which is rather appropriate, at least. Name of a prophet in the Bible. He, too, was exiled.

So. Yeah. Guess that's me just. Showing my work. I like to do at least a little research into the Celestial and Infernal lore. And noooow I'm going to stop talking or I'll never shut up.

Thanks for reading, as always. -B
Well, we've come a long way. Chapter one is done, our hero is on the scene, and strange things are happening in his little town. Where these new events are going to take him, well, we'll just have to wait and see.

I just wanted to say thank you, to everyone who's stuck with us, everyone who reads, and especially everyone who drops us a kind or encouraging word. I know they make Imi happy, and that makes me happy.

I'll do my best to keep the story coming, and make it as good as I can for all you out there.

Cheers, B
So. Uh. Been a while.

I guess I just want to say thanks to you all for paying attention. For reading Fallen. I've really enjoyed writing for it already, and I hope you guys continue to enjoy reading it. It'll only get better and more interesting from here, I hope.

So. Yeah. Thanks 8D

Also, Vince and Tristan are really kind of gay. That just kind of...happened.
So. First page. Off with a bang, aren't we? How's about all that blood, huh?

This will make sense eventually, I promise. Just...not for a little while. But by the end of the first chapter.